Social Share Buttons Plugin for Joomla! Website Builder Gridbox

Social Sharing Buttons Plugin for Joomla! Page Builder Gridbox

Today we have prepared for you a new plugin for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, Social Sharing Buttons. Small, but incredibly useful tool that can significantly increase traffic to your site from social networks.

Perhaps, if today were 2005, we might have to talk about usefulness of the social buttons on your Joomla! website. But to date, this makes no sense. Social networks have become part of our lives. Each of us has a personal page on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

Social Sharing buttons is a powerful marketing tool. Experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) recommend to use social sharing buttons. Just take a look at any popular blog or a news portal, at the bottom of each post you can find social sharing buttons, which allow visitors to share post to social networks.

Social Sharing Buttons Settings

Into the plugin Social Sharing Buttons, we have added the ability to share content to the most popular social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, VKontake и LinkedIn.

The plugin has a small number of options, so, you can quickly configure the plugin without extra difficulty. You have an option to choose the position of the Social Sharing Buttons, you can choose the style, and you can choose the size of the buttons: Small, Medium and Large.

Share Details: Title, Description and Image

Title and Description comes from your Page settings: Page Title and Page Meta Description, which you can to set up in the Joomla! admin panel. But the most interesting it's an image. In the settings of the page, we added a new option "Image for Social Sharing".

Upload Image for Social Networks

Option "Image for Social Sharing" allows you to set up Image which will be shared to the social networks. We want to notice, for Pinterest this field is required!

Update Gridbox!

Update your current Gridbox version! please follow this tutorial: How to update Gridbox Joomla Page Builder

Clear Cache!

After an update, clear your browser and website cache!


  • Added: Social Sharing Buttons Plugin;
  • Fixed: Issues with 404 Page;
  • Fixed: Issues with Letter Spacing in CSS / JS editor.

Social Sharing buttons is a powerful marketing tool that can bring a lot of new visitors to your Joomla website, use it!

Good luck! and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments bellow, we really appreciate it. Let's create together!

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