Shape Divider Has Arrived To Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Shape Divider Has Arrived To Gridbox

Shape divider is a very trendy and modern tool in the web design.Today we are happy to introduce you a new update of the Joomla Page Builder Gridbox 2.2.4 with a stunning Shape divider tool.

Shape divider allows you to add incredibly beautiful dividers for sections and rows. With help of Gridbox Shape divider, you can create trendy website designs without a line of code.

Watch the video below to see how easy and fast you can add stunning shapes for your sections.

How to Add Shape Divider to Gridbox Pages

16 Stunning Shape Divider Styles

Gridbox shape divider comes with 16 beautiful shape patterns. 10 pattern styles written in pure CSS. We care about the quality!

Triangle - Shape Divider Style


Triangle Right - Shape Divider Style

Triangle Right

Triangle Left - Shape Divider Style

Triangle Left

Delta - Shape Divider Style


Arrow - Shape Divider Style


Zigzag - Shape Divider Style


Сurve Right - Shape Divider Style

Сurve Right

Сurve Left - Shape Divider Style

Сurve Left

Circle - Shape Divider Style


Сamber - Shape Divider Style


Clouds - Shape Divider Style


Waves - Shape Divider Style


Spectre Right - Shape Divider Style

Spectre Right

Spectre Left - Shape Divider Style

Spectre Left

Vertex - Shape Divider Style


Torsion - Shape Divider Style


Adding Shape Divider

To add shape divider you need to open section or row options and navigate to "Background" options.

Adding Shape Divider

Shapes can be easily configured! You can change shape size, color and transparency.

Shape Positions

Shape divider allows you to display shapes at the bottom or (and) the top of section and row in the same time. For each position, you can set own shape pattern, color, transparency and shape size.

Shape Divider Positions

Combining top and bottom shapes you can design stunning pages.

Shape Divider On Mobile Devices

Added shapes look awesome on all devices and screen sizes. Gridbox provides you full control over shapes on mobile devices. Shape Divider On Mobile Devices

Enable Gridbox Responsive Editor and configure shape size, type, color and opacity as you need, or even more, you can disable shapes on mobile devices.

.MP4 Video Backgrounds

As you know, Joomla Website builder allows to create Video Backgrounds with source videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

Gridbox 2.2.4 allows you to use .MP4 files as a source video for your stunning backgrounds.

Video Backgrounds

The biggest advantage of using .mp4 files for video backgrounds - loading speed. If you are plan to use well-optimized video files, background video will be loaded instantly!


With Shape divider tool your Joomla website will looks awesome and very professionally. Shape divider can be used for any section and also for headers and footers. Use Gridbox Shape divider tool to impress your visitors. Build a beautiful Joomla websites with Joomla website builder Gridbox.

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