Sell Digital Products With Gridbox Store App

Sell Digital Products with Gridbox

Today the Gridbox once again shows that it is more than just a page builder. Say hello to the Gridbox Website Builder 2.10.5 that comes with a new product type. Now with the Store App, you can sell not only physical products but digital ones as well. Don't keep your digital work - sell them. Just upload the file and voila you're already selling digital goods!

Sell Digital Products With Gridbox Store App

With the new product type in Gridbox Store App, you can easily sell any digital goods. What are digital goods? Anything that has no physical form, for example, music, web elements, ebooks, audiobooks, guides, recipes, templates, or any artistic creations. In the Gridbox Store App, you can add digital products in absolutely any format.

Adding Digital Products

The digital products in the Store App are added in the usual way. In the Gridbox dashboard, by clicking on the “Add New Item” button, you will be prompted to select a product type - digital or physical.

After filling in the main product fields, just upload a file - what could be easier?!

Configuring Download Link

In the Store App, you can set up a download link for a product using the following options:

Download Link Expires

sets the lifetime of the download link (hours, days, months, years). The link to the file will automatically disappear after the period you have set.

Maximum Downloads

sets a download limit. This is the number of times a customer can download a file.

Downloading Digital Products

The Gridbox Store App provides a simple and very easy solution for your store visitors to add digital products to their carts and go to the Checkout page in the same manner as if it were usual products. After placing the successful order, your customers will receive an email with the link to download the product.

Email with Digital Products in Gridbox Store App for Joomla eCommerce

Note that the Gridbox Store App sends an email notification with the download link only after the order status becomes “Completed”.

Also, your customers can download a digital product in their user account in the "My Downloads" section.

My Downloads in Gridbox Store App for Joomla eCommerce


Together with the growth and improvement of the Gridbox functionality, your opportunities in website development also leap forward with giant strides. Get a second wind with new Gridbox features and create unrivaled Joomla online shops. It's not rocket science! With Website Builder Gridbox, it's a lot easier than you think.


2.10.5 — 08.12.2020

  • Selling Digital Products
  • Cover image for Single Pages
  • Displaying field "Headline" in the store invoice
  • Highlighting found text on the search results page
  • Inheritance "Social Share Settings" from General by default
  • PayFast payment method
  • Displaying date format in the store email "Order"
  • Displaying field "Acceptance" in the store invoice
  • Issue with the incorrect file name of the Intro image
  • Issue with quantity "In Stock" and product variations
  • Creating and assigning the page to the menu item in the editor

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