Scroll to Top and Lightbox for Image Plugin. Gridbox 1.0.9 is Here!

Scroll to Top and Lightbox for Image Plugin. Gridbox 1.0.9 is Here!

We have a new update for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox. And today we have prepared for you a new plugin "Scroll to Top" and update for the plugin "Image". Hey Ho, Lets Go!

The button "Scroll to Top" or "Back to Top" an incredibly useful tool, it can now be found on any website. Scroll to Top plugin allows visitors to smoothly scroll back to the top of the page.

If you have very long pages and your navigation has a static position, "Sсroll to Top" plugin, will greatly facilitate the life of your users and make your site easier to navigate.

Scroll to Top Demo - Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

Plugin Options

The style options of "Scroll to Top" plugin is very similar to plugin "Button". You have a huge range of tools allowing to customize the button style to your website design.

You also have the opportunity to choose an icon for the "Scroll to Top" button from the Google Material Icons library. Option "Select Icon" is available if plugin "Icon" is installed.

Scroll to Top Plugin Options - Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

But the most interesting options of "Scroll to Top" are:

  • Offset, px - browser window scroll after which the "Scroll to Top" is shown;
  • Scrolling Speed, ms - duration of the top scrolling animation;
  • Animation - 8 beautiful animations effects;

We would like to note that the "Animation" option is unique, because previously we have not seen animations for the "Scroll to Top" buttons. Animation add superior style and emphasize the individuality of your Joomla website.

More details about the plugin "Scroll to Top" you can find in the Gridbox documentation: Scroll To Top Plugin - Gridbox Documentation.

We also want to recommend you, to use "Scroll to Top" plugin as a Global Item. More detailed information about Global Items you can find here: Gridbox Libraries Released!

Lightbox for Plugin Image

This feature is one of the long-awaited. Now you have the opportunity not only to add pictures to Gridbox pages, but also to open pictures in the lightbox.

Lightbox for Plugin Image - Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

But most importantly, it's the opening lightbox animation. Incredibly beautiful. Just try it on our demo site, you'll be surprised. It looks amazing!

You also have the ability to set the color and transparency of the Lightbox background.

If you want to make a gallery with the ability to scroll through images in the lightbox, you need to use our component Joomla Image Gallery.

Update Gridbox!

Update your current Gridbox version! please follow this tutorial: How to update Gridbox Joomla Page Builder

After an update, clear your browser and website cache!

We continue to work on new plugins for Gridbox, which will help you to create amazing websites. Stay with us! If you have any questions, recommendations or suggestions are very welcome to read them in the comments below. Let's Rock! Let's Develop!

p.s. On the next week will be an incredible upgrade to Joomla Forms component.