Resizable Columns, Slideshow and Code Autocompletion

Resizable Columns in Gridbox

Our incredible wish to create superlative products can't be stopped! In chase of perfection, we regularly upgrade our components. Today we want to present you a new update for Joomla website builder Gridbox. Here we go!

    Resizable Columns, Slideshow and Code Autocompletion

    Resizable Columns

    A few days ago we had the release of the component Joomla Forms Builder 1.5.0 released, in which we have added a possibility to change the column width. And we instantly thought why don't we have to add such wonderful opportunity in Gridbox.

      Resizable Columns - Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

      Your page layout can be more flexible now, and you can set up the column width as needed. Given the fact that a possibility to change the column width was added, we have removed 2 basic layouts which haven't more any sense with our new option.

        Slideshow Plugin Update

        We have decided to update the Gridbox slideshow plugin and add several useful features, that will make your plugin more attractive.


        We have added a possibility to assign an animation for the Slideshow title, description and button. An animation will supply a very attractive look for your slideshow. 

        It's available for you with 9 different alternatives of animation. Certainly, we could add 20 animation effects, but worth the bother?! We present the animations frequently used and enjoyable for vision. Use the animations and create attractive slideshows!

          Navigation Arrows With Thumbnails

          To make your slideshow more attractive we have added an option, when introducing it, the thumbnails of the next and previous slides are displayed.

            Navigation Arrows with Thumbnails in Joomla Plugin Slideshow

            And if the slide has a title, it will be displayed a title of the next slider with thumbnails.

              Autocomplete for Code Editors

              In spite of the fact that Gridbox associates as a component that lets to create Joomla sites without writing any lines of code, it includes a CSS and JS editors.

                Code Autocompletion - Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

                Code Editors allow more freedom to the most powerful users, who have an experience with JS and CSS. You may write a Custom code directly in the editor. So, in a new version of Gridbox, we have added Code Autocomplete for all editors, and it will be more quickly and easily to write a code! Another very important thing - we have improved the speed of the code editor, now it works very fast, you will be surprised! Super fast and lightweight!

                  Update Notification Modal

                  As in the component Forms, we have added a modal window that will inform you about the release of a new version. At once, we want to inform you that such a modal will be added to the component Gallery.

                    What's Next

                    In more recent times, we often receive many questions about how to change the header layout in Gridbox, how to add a module to the header, etc. And you know what? Now we're diligently working on a new version of Gridbox, which will be more header layouts. The most important that you will have custom positions in the header where you will be able to insert any Gridbox plugin or Joomla module! 

                    So stay with us and don't forget to write your ideas and propositions in the comments!


                      1.1.1 — 26.04.2016

                      • Animations for plugin Slideshow
                      • Navigation arrows with thumbnails for plugin Slideshow
                      • Resizable columns
                      • Code auto-completion for Code editors
                      • Update modal
                      • Access and Published Time / Date (Page settings)
                      • Small CSS bugs

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