Product CSV Importer and Exporter for Gridbox Store App

Product CSV Importer and Exporter

Do you want to migrate your online shop to Gridbox Store App from another platform? Now is the perfect time to start. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to your attention Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.11.0 with Export and Import CSV files. So let's get started!

Product CSV Importer and Exporter for Gridbox Store App

Product CSV Importer and Exporter is an awesome built-in Gridbox tool that allows you to transfer products from 3rd-party eCommerce extensions and platforms to the Gridbox Store App. Also, using the Gridbox CSV file, you can bulk create or edit existing products.

Importing Products To Gridbox Store App

The Gridbox is always unique, perfectly thought-out features and tools. We always try to provide you only the best and today's update is no exception because we have prepared a first-class solution for you.

So, Gridbox provides you 2 types of CSV file import:

  • CSV file import with field mapping
  • Uploading pre-exported Gridbox CSV file

The Gridbox product importer you will find in the Store App dashboard - the button "Import/Export CSV".

Importing From 3rd Party Platforms

Bet you've been waiting for a long time to switch from your eCommerce extension to the powerful Gridbox. We know what was stopping you - a large number of products on your site, isn't it? Well, that's not a problem anymore. The method “CSV file import with field mapping” is just for you.

Oh yes, we took care of it, and now you can easily migrate from a 3rd-party extension to Gridbox Store App. All you need to do is download the CSV file from your store. Then upload it to the Gridbox and match the fields of your file with the existing fields in the Gridbox Store App. Awesome!

The only thing to pay attention to is the data format in the imported file. The data format must conform to the Gridbox CSV file standard. More details you will find in our documentation:

Importing Products From Gridbox CSV File

This import method is perfect for uploading a previously exported Gridbox CSV file. You don't need to match fields. All you need to do is just upload the CSV file with the changes and click "Next".

Preliminary Import Check

What if the file was uploaded with inconsistencies? Don't worry, we took care of that too. The second phase of importing is checking the data that you upload. Before uploading data from your CSV file, Gridbox will check it and provide information such as how many products will be created or updated and also display errors. Pretty impressive, isn't it?!

Read more about CSV import errors and how to fix them in the documentation.

Exporting Products

As for the export of products, it's very quick and easy, just like everything else in the Gridbox. To export products from the Gridbox Store App just click the button Export/Import CSV ➝ the tab Export. Then click on the checkbox in the fields and click Export. That's all, it's perfectly simple!


Well, we hope you are absolutely happy. Now you can use the awesome Gidbox Product CSV Importer and Exporter tool that will help you quickly transfer shop and save your time. Start migrating your shops, but first, we look forward to your comments.


2.11.0 — 05.05.2021

  • Product CSV Importer and Exporter for Gridbox Store App
  • Ability to set minimum product quantities
  • The option "Sort by: Recent / Popular / Random" to the plugin Related Posts
  • Conflict between "Lazy Load" and "Masonry Layout" in Gridbox plugins
  • Issues with adding new images to the plugin "Simple Gallery" with "Masonry Layout"
  • Small CSS issues in the plugin "Reviews"
  • Conflict between "Deferred Loading" and Section / Row / Column animations
  • Conflict between "Deferred Loading" and Lightbox of the plugin "Simple Gallery"
  • Conflict between "Deferred Loading" and video backgrounds
  • Conflict between "Deferred Loading" and "Lazy Load" in the browser Firefox
  • Small CSS issues with a Fixed Header
  • Issues with a system page "Search Results"
  • Issues adaptive images for the plugin "Simple Gallery"
  • Assigning menu items to Gridbox pages in the editor
  • Issues with Joomla routing and Gridbox Tags, Authors and Filters
  • Issue with Joomla menu item "Tagged Items"
  • Issues with layout "Sidebar" in the plugin "One Page Menu"
  • CSS issues with the plugin "Breadcrumbs"
  • Editing Gridbox plugin "Content Slider" with plugin "Icon List" inside
  • Issue with allowed max. limit of database cell in the Gridbox Store App
  • Small displaying issues with a plugin "Post Navigation"

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