Preview of Gridbox Booking System for Joomla

Gridbox Booking System Preview 

Never before have we taken such a long pause on our blog but it was only a temporary silence before the exciting news. It's time to raise the curtain. Find out what we've been working on all this time, and get ready for awesome discoveries! So, in today’s blog post, we will talk about the Joomla Booking System, which will be released very soon.

Preview of Gridbox Booking System for Joomla

To be brief, in the Gridbox Joomla Booking System you will find:

  • Booking calendar
  • Time slots
  • Multiple nights
  • Booking restrictions
  • Online payments
  • Partial prepayment

This is just the tip of the iceberg; there are many more interesting and functional features waiting for you in the Gridbox Booking System. 

Booking Settings

In a world of diverse business models, every project is unique. Gridbox Booking System for Joomla is designed to be flexible and customizable to meet the needs of different industries and provide the necessary functionality for successful operations. Hotel or beauty salon – we have a solution suitable just for you. Define your unique scenario with Booking Settings.

Booking Type

Gridbox Booking System supports both Single Day and Multiple Night bookings. This approach is ideal for hotels where guests can choose the length of stay to suit their needs.

Well, if you are the owner of a restaurant business, then you can set the Single Day booking type, with which clients can book a banquet hall, for example.

Personal Session and Private Groups

For companies providing individual sessions or private group services, we have a solution. You can easily set up your Joomla Booking System to accept individual or group bookings. For example, providing group or individual psychotherapy services or fitness classes.

Appointment Time Slots

An unlimited choice of time slots for making appointments is another advantage of the Gridbox Booking System. Let your clients choose a time that is convenient for them, one that fits even the busiest of schedules. This is especially useful for beauty salons, doctor's offices and other businesses where effective time management is key to success.

Appointment Duration

Where every minute matters, the Gridbox Booking System for Joomla allows you to accurately determine the duration a client's appointment. This not only improves service efficiency but also creates a more comfortable experience for your customers.

Booking Management Tools

If you ask which of the Gridbox apps Booking System is similar to, it will be the Store App. The Booking System is closely intertwined with Gridbox eCommerce. This was done deliberately to be able to use extra options, payment gateways, tax settings, discounts and coupon codes on your booking sites. Agree, it would be very strange and illogical to duplicate all this separately for the Joomla Booking System. That is why we decided to place the Calendar in the Store App. See how this will be implemented in the screenshot below.

Calendar Settings

Gridbox Booking System has tools that make booking management even more flexible and tailored to your needs, such as Booking Limitation:

  • Early Booking allows you to set a minimum time interval before the booking date. This feature is ideal when you want to give customers the opportunity to make reservations in advance, allowing your business to schedule more smoothly.
  • Late Booking allows you to set a maximum time interval before the booking date. This option is useful when you want to allow guests to book services at the last minute, optimizing the use of time.

Also in Calendar Settings, you will find a tab with Default Hours. This feature gives you a unique level of flexibility in setting operating hours for each day of the week. You can easily set up different opening hours for Monday, Tuesday and so on.

This is especially useful when your business has different operating hours on different days of the week. For example, a cafe with extended working hours on weekends or a beauty salon that changes its hours during the week.

Block Booking Hours

One powerful tool that can greatly improve time management is Block Time. That's the ability to block time bookings in your scheduling system. With just a few clicks, you can easily block specific times, ensuring clients cannot book appointments during your assigned unavailability periods.

Notification Panel

Minimize missed appointments. Receive timely notifications for upcoming bookings. Calendar notifications provide real-time updates about your appointments, ensuring you're always up to date with any new bookings or changes. The notification panel acts as a reliable reminder, helping you minimize the chance of missing appointments.

Schedule Mode

Schedule mode changes the way you interact with appointments. Say goodbye to clutter and empty blocks, and welcome to a consistent display that optimizes your time visualization. The sequential display allows you to see the flow of appointments without interruptions, making it easier to identify busy periods, available slots, and any potential gaps in the schedule.

Booking Filters

Filters in Gridbox Booking System are a dynamic tool to improve overall efficiency. Easily navigate your schedule using date filters. Filter appointments by day, week, or month to focus on past, present or future events. This feature is especially useful when planning, viewing or analyzing a schedule over different periods.

Apply multiple filters at the same time. For example, you can filter appointments by service type and payment status, giving you a detailed view of your schedule. This multi-filtering ensures that you can view different aspects of your business in one complete view.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are an indispensable tool for modern Joomla booking systems. They provide immediacy, confirmation, personalization and efficient management, making businesses more flexible and responsive. That is why, together with the Gridbox Booking System, 3 new system emails will appear at your disposal.

New Booking for Admin

The system email about a new booking is intended for the administrator to quickly accept new bookings. Receive instant notifications with key information about booking details and customer contact info, ensuring immediate response and booking management.

New Booking Confirmation

This email is sent directly to the client and serves as confirmation of a successful booking. The client receives not only information about the booking details but also confirmation that his request has been successfully processed. This creates confidence in choosing your business and improves the overall customer experience.

Booking Reminder

This notification allows the administrator to set email reminders about reservations in advance. You can set how many days or hours before the client arrives to send a notification. This functionality helps prevent missed bookings and also creates additional attention to your service.

Payment Gateways

By choosing Gridbox Booking System for Joomla, you choose not only effective booking management but also simple integration with payment systems. We provide the ability to easily integrate all payment methods available in Gridbox eCommerce directly into the Gridbox Booking System. This means you don't have to worry about integration because all payment gateways are ready to use.

Partial Prepayment

To prevent dishonesty and protect your time, the Gridbox Booking System allows you to make reservations only if you pay in advance. This is an effective way to minimize the risk of customer no-shows.

Calendar and Prepaid Reservations

It is also worth noting that creating calendar entries and booking confirmations are added automatically, subject to prepayment. This not only ensures that the client’s intentions are serious but also protects you from unpleasant situations, such as cancelling an appointment at the last minute.


Gridbox Booking System for Joomla is a whole world of possibilities for your business. Ease of configuration, unlimited choice of time slots, support for booking various types, and convenient management tools make Gridbox Booking System an indispensable Joomla extension for businesses from hotels to beauty salons. So, if you strive for effective booking management, easy integration with payment systems, and optimization of your business, Gridbox Booking System is exactly what you need.

Well, now you are aware of our developments, so you can confidently begin planning your future projects based on the Booking System! Stay tuned and get ready for new opportunities with our Gridbox Booking System for Joomla!

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