Overlay Section! New Plugin for Joomla! Page Builder Gridbox

Overlay Section Plugin for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

Hello everybody! Today we want to present you a new plugin for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox. Here comes an Overlay Section!

Overlay Section is a powerful and popular tool in a modern web design.

The most interesting feature of the "Overlay Section" plugin, that this is the first Gridbox plugin that allows to insert Gridbox plugins into "Overlay Section" plugin, and of course, you can add absolutely any Joomla! Module, using the Gridbox Plugn "Joomla Module".

Demo - Overlay Section Plugin for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

In such a way we got an incredibly powerful plugin, because in Overlay Section you can add anything and use it for absolutely any purposes, to display the sidebar with modules, side menu, contact information or anything else.

Overlay Section Settings

Plugin settings can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Opening Button Settings;
  • Display Settings;
  • Section Settings.

The most interesting moment of Overlay Section plugin is a Display Settings. Three layouts are available for you: Vertical, Horizontal and Lightbox. What is the difference between them?

Firstly, this is the display method of Section on the page. The vertical layout is arranged throughout the height of your screen, the width of the Section, you set in pixels by yourself.

The horizontal layout is arranged the other way around, along full width of your screen, and the height of the Section, you set by yourself and also in pixels.

Demo - Overlay Section Horizontal Layout

Lightbox is displayed on center of the page, you set the width, but the height of the Lightbox depends on the content.

Secondly, for vertical and horizontal layouts you can set up the direction of apparition. The horizontal layout can come up from above or below. The vertical layout can come up from the left or from the right.

Demo - Overlay Section Plugin for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

Thirdly, in spite of the fact that, the options of the height and width settings for Overlay Section are available for you, you can also use the Section options to set the Overlay Section in full screen.

Demo - Overlay Section Plugin for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox


  • Added: Overlay Section Plugin;
  • Fixed: Google Fonts "Character Sets" in the editor.

Update Gridbox!

Update your current Gridbox version! please follow this tutorial: How to update Gridbox Joomla Page Builder

Clear Cache!

After an update, clear your browser and website cache!

Overlay Section plugin is unbelievably multifunctional, the large number of settings will allow you to display your content in a very creative and modern way! Try, create, test and most importantly enjoy all these processes - you can do what you want!

As usual, we are preparing a new plugin for you. Do you have any ideas?! Write, write… Your comments encourage us very much. We are always glad and opened for new ideas! Peace & Love!

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