Order Tracking Info and New Payments Gateways for Gridbox Store App

Order Tracking Info and Payments Gateways

Joomla website builder Gridbox continues to progress and increase the functionality. And today we're going to introduce two new payment gateways for the Gridbox Store App and a feature that will allow your customers to track orders. So, without further delay let's get started!

Order Tracking Info and New Payments Gateways for Gridbox Store App

Order Tracking Info

Don’t leave clients in the dark about order delivery. With the new feature Order Tracking Info, you can provide your customers an easy way to track their purchases.

To add Tracking Info, go to Orders, open the order that you need and click the icon “Add Tracking Info”. In the opened modal window, fill in the required information and click Save. It's so easy and without having to lift a finger!

See documentation for more information:

Sending Tracking Info to Customers by Email

Sending email notifications with tracking info to customers is a great way to give users the ability to follow the progress of the order delivery. Using Data Tags, you can easily add order tracking information to email. To do this, go to the Email Notifications settings and add the next data tags:

  • Tracking Carrier
  • Tracking Number
  • Tracking URL

We recommend adding order tracking info to the email “Customer Notification: Order Completed”.

Displaying Tracking Info in the User Account

In addition to email notifications, the tracking information displaying in Gridbox Customer Accounts. After you add a tracking number users will be able to view the order tracking information in their own accounts.

New Payment Gateways

We haven't forgotten about the poll with a list of payment gateways. And today we want to introduce two new payment gateways that have received the largest number of your votes. So meet Barion and Square for integration with your Joomla online shops.

Barion and Square in Gridbox Store App for Joomla eCommerce

We are proud that all 17 payment gateways are included in the subscription price and don't require any additional payment. It's pretty damn cool! So don't miss an awesome opportunity and vote for the next payment gateway for the Gridbox Store App:

Bug Fixes Updates

Gridbox development is moving forward with seven-league steps. But bugs are an integral part of the product development process, whether we want it or not.

As compensation, we provide high quality and fast technical support within our technical support. As soon as a bug is reported, the Gridbox customer gets the bug fix immediately, without waiting for the next major update.

In order to make updates available to the entire Balbooa Community, we’ll start using the fourth digit in the version number. Fourth digit versions will receive only bug fixes updates. Changelist with fixes you will be able to find in a documentation: Key Features.

Nothing but the best for the Balbooa Community!


2.11.1 — 13.05.2021

  • Order Tracking Info for Gridbox Store App
  • Border options for the dropdown menu
  • Compatibility of Joomla Smart Search and Gridbox Custom Fields
  • Issue with editing unpublished slide in plugins Slideshow, Carousel, Slideset
  • Issue displaying Sub-total in the plugin Cart
  • Issue with the link “Leave review” in the post intro

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