Multi-Currency Pricing in Gridbox Store App. Switch Currencies on the Fly

Switch Currencies on the Fly

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. We cannot say that we are inveterate optimists, but we like difficult tasks. Difficulties in web development are always amazing opportunities for our customers. Today's update is exactly that, difficult for us but useful for you. We remember that you have long dreamed of eСommerce involving more than one currency. Well, dreams come true with Joomla website builder Gridbox! Ladies and gentlemen, today you are waiting for a grand update — Multi-Currency Functionality for international eCommerce.

Multi-Currency Pricing in Gridbox Store App. Switch Currencies on the Fly

Multi-Currency Functionality for eCommerce

Gridbox Multi-Currency for Joomla eCommerce is:

  • Quick setup process;
  • Unlimited number of currencies;
  • Selecting primary currency for order processing;
  • Manual or automatic exchange rate update;
  • Rate recalculation on the fly;
  • Setting prices based on the language of visitors;
  • Switch between different currencies;
  • Dynamic currency conversion.

Also, Multi-Currency for Joomla online shop opens up many options for displaying prices in different currencies. With Gridbox Store App, selling products in multiple currencies is a piece of cake!

Adding New Currency

Display product prices in any convenient currency. Dollar, euro, krone, zloty or pound sterling… You can add an unlimited number of currencies in the Gridbox Store App. It all depends on the needs of your online store and your audience. To add a new currency go to Store Settings ➝ Currency and Units ➝ Add New Item.

Adding New Currency - Multi-Currency Pricing for Joomla eCommerce

Language Assignment

Do you remember our amazing update for Multilingual Websites? So we have connected Gridbox multilingual and multi-currency. We think you already guessed what we got in the end. By switching the language on the site, the currency also changes. That's what it means to develop an extension with future steps in mind.

Switch Currency with Language Picker - Multi-Currency Pricing for Joomla eCommerce

Opening the Currency Settings and selecting the language you need is all it takes to assign a currency to a language.

Language Assignment - Multi-Currency Pricing for Joomla eCommerce

Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rate

The exchange rate is not a constant value. The frequency of exchange rate changes depends on many factors. The Gridbox Store App provides two ways to set the exchange rate. Which one will you choose?

Fixed Exchange Rate

Fixed Exchange Rate is a way to set the exchange rate manually. It fits eCommerce based in a country with a stable exchange rate. To set the exchange rate manually, go to the Currency Settings and fill in the desired value in the Exchange Rate field.

Fixed Exchange Rate - Multi-Currency Pricing for Joomla eCommerce

Automatically Update Exchange Rates

Does the exchange rate change frequently? It must be inconvenient to always be up to date and change it manually. With the Gridbox Store App, this is not a problem. The Automatically Update Exchange Rates option will do this for you. To change the exchange rate automatically in your online store, enable “Automatically Update Exchange Rates” and integrate Exchangerates.

Automatically Update Exchange Rates - Multi-Currency Pricing for Joomla eCommerce

Currency Switcher Plugin

How to display currency switching on the site? The Currency Switcher plugin will help you with this. Currency Switcher is a new simple plugin with two layouts: Dropdown and Lightbox. Just choose one of them.

Dropdown Layout

Switching currencies is presented as an ordinary dropdown list that opens by click.

Dropdown Layout of Currency Switcher Plugin - Multi-Currency Pricing for Joomla eCommerce

Lightbox Layout

Don't want a dropdown list? Well, use lightbox. By the way, you can easily change its style using the design settings.

Lightbox Layout of Currency Switcher Plugin - Multi-Currency Pricing for Joomla eCommerce


In your hands is another powerful tool that can make your online business prosper. Use the maximum of possibilities from the appliance of multi-currency functionality. Access a wider spectrum of audiences and enrich your customer base with multi-currency eCommerce.

What's next? We continue to improve Gridbox functionality, and in parallel, develop a new stunning tool. Of course, most of the information cannot be given due to confidentiality reasons. It's a joke. We just want to add some intrigue and keep making your dreams come true!


2.12.18 — 22.09.2022

  • Multi-Currency functionality for gCommerce
  • Currency Switcher plugin
  • Issue with a redirect feature in the plugin "Login"
  • Issues with a video auto-playing in the plugin "Field Video"
  • Displaying "Field Map" with empty location
  • Issue with shipping price in gCommerce and PHP8

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