Memberships and Subscriptions Have Arrived at Gridbox

Memberships and Subscriptions

Don't buckle up, it won't help you because today's update will blow your mind! Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to present a new tool that will expand the Gridbox Universe and provide new opportunities in creating fully functional membership sites.

Memberships and Subscriptions Have Arrived at Gridbox

Start Selling Subscriptions and Memberships

Subscription business models have entered the modern-day marketplace. Distance education, coaching, online courses, a subscription plan for movies, TV shows and music are part of the modern world. We develop Balbooa Extensions in the rhythm of the modern world to provide fresh and powerful solutions that are easy to apply in your business.

The new feature Gridbox Subscription provides access to restricted content and digital downloads after purchasing a subscription.

We are sure that you are interested in the question of what the functionality of Gridbox Subscription is capable of?

  • Assign customers to specific Joomla user groups
  • Provide access to digital products
  • Set up subscriptions with multiple digital products
  • Send reminder emails to your customers
  • Ability to renew subscription
  • Create unlimited number of renewal plans
  • Ability to upgrade and downgrade the subscription plan
  • Accepting subscription payments with 17 payment gateways

And most importantly, memberships and subscriptions are a part of Gridbox Pro. Balbooa customers with an active subscription get it without additional costs. This is pretty darn awesome!

Adding Your First Subscription Product

The process of creating a subscription in Gridbox is very simple. All you need to do is go to the Store App, click Add New Item and select Subscription from the prompted product types.

As with other types of products, you need to fill in the basic fields and then go to the subscription settings.

Creating Digital Products and User Group Memberships

Gridbox Subscription has intuitive settings that allow you to create a membership website without special knowledge. Want to create a subscription with digital product downloads? No problems! Or maybe you want to create a membership website with restricted content that will only become available after purchasing a subscription? Easily! Just set Subscription Length and select Subscription Action:

Access to digital product(s)

allows you to create a subscription with a digital product download

Access to Joomla user group(s)

allows you to restrict content on your site by assigning customers to specific Joomla user groups

Access to digital product(s) and Joomla user group(s)

mixed subscription type with access to restricted content and digital product downloads

Depending on the selected Subscription Action, you will have additional options for adding Products and User Groups. By enabling the option “Remove selected products from the storefront”, you can hide products in the store and they will be available only after purchasing a subscription.

Create Flexible Renewal Plans

Do you want your customers to stay with you for a long time? Make them an offer they can't refuse. For example, add Renewal Plans with lower prices. In Gridbox, you can add any number of renewal plans with different lengths and costs.

Don't wait until subscriptions to expire send your customers an expiration email reminder. Use the option “Send Renewal Reminder Before The Expiration” and set the custom time for sending the email notification before the end of the subscription. Good service is service provided at the right time!

How to set up customer notification (Expiration and Renewal Reminder) see in documentation:

Allow Members to Change Plan

Are your customers satisfied with the service and want more? Let them upgrade their subscription plan on their own. To do this, use the option Upgrade Plans. In Upgrade Plans, you can add any number of previously created subscriptions.

Detailed information on how to add and configure a subscription you'll find in the documentation:

Manage Subscriptions

In the dashboard of Gridbox Store App, you'll find a new menu item Subscription. Here you can set the end date of the subscription and renew it.

Subscriptions in Customer Accounts

Gridbox provides clients a simple way to renew their subscription plans from their Customer Accounts.

Also, your customers can upgrade or downgrade their subscription plan with a few clicks.

If your subscription includes downloading a digital product, a menu item My Downloads will appear in the account, where customers can download the product at any time. After the subscription expires, the menu item My Downloads will be unavailable.


The Gridbox Store App is one step closer to perfection. Powerful tools and Gridbox Apps allow you to create completely unique membership and coaching websites, sell online courses, and much more. Update your Joomla website builder Gridbox, and feel free to leave comments below!


2.12.0 — 07.07.2021

  • Gridbox product type "Subscription"
  • Issue with double slashes in images
  • "Lazy load" for the plugin "Video"
  • Link to reviews and comments in plugins "Tabs" and "Accordions"
  • Issue with displaying "Post intro" at the "Cover" layout
  • Issue with user permissions for editing own posts
  • Compress images on upload for .WebP images
  • Issues in the PayPal payment gateway
  • Issues in the Klarna payment gateway
  • Issues in the Barion payment gateway

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