Meet Gridbox Store App Improvements. Multiple Tax Rates

Multiple Tax Rates

We've built a strong skeleton for the Gridbox Store App and now it's time to train its muscles. This means that now we're starting to work on additions and improvements to the Gridbox Store App. Today we're introducing store tax settings that have been complemented by defining prices including or excluding tax, adding tax rates by countries, categories, and more. So buckle up, ladies and gentlemen. Here we go!

Meet Gridbox Store App Improvements. Multiple Tax Rates

Tax Mode In Gridbox Store App

Taxes are an integral part of any Joomla online shop. The taxes that apply to your business depend on its location and type.

The Tax you'll find in the Store Settings. Two tax modes are available to you: Tax Inclusive and Tax Exclusive.

  • Tax Inclusive, also known as VAT (Valued Added Tax) - the taxes are already added to the product price. Visitors see the final price of the product without any additional fees.
  • Tax Exclusive - the taxes are not initially added to the product price. The final product price can be viewed on the Checkout page.

On screens below, you'll find the difference how shop pages look with different tax modes.

Tax Exclusive and Tax Inclusive in Gridbox Store App - Joomla eCommerce

The "Tax Included" mode displaying the additional heading "Includes 20% VAT 16.50 €" under the "Total" on the cart and checkout pages.

Multiple Tax Rates

Do you need to break down your tax according to countries, states, or categories? With the improved store tax settings, you can easily get this up and running in no time!

Tax Rates by Countries

In Gridbox Store App now it is possible to create different tax rates for each state or country separately. So if you have an international business and you need to set tax rates for different countries just enter the tax title, set rate, and enter country name.

How Does It Work?

In the plugin "Customer Info", you'll find a new field type "Country". The field pulls countries and regions from the Tax list.

Thereby, when the customer selecting country and region, at the line "Includes Tax" will be displayed relevant value.

Tax Rates by Product Categories

Does your country have different tax rates for different product groups? Not a problem. Add a new tax, set the rate, and then select the product category you need.

Manual Payment Methods

The payment method "Cash on Delivery" was improved up to "Manual Payment". Manual payments also can be called "Offline Payments" since payments accepted outside of your online store and orders approves manually after receiving payments.

Manual Payment Methods frequently used in popular online stores:

  • Bank Transfers;
  • Cash Payments;
  • Cash on Delivery;
  • Money orders.

The payment method "Manual Payment" includes a new field "Description" which allows adding additional information to instruct customers how to pay for the order. Information will be displayed next to the payment method in your checkout.

By the way, you can add unlimited numbers of Manual Payments. Enjoy!

WebP vs Safari

And the latest news for today which is related to the Gridbox Performance. As you know Gridbox Performance Tools allow you to automatically convert all site pictures to modern image format WebP.

But Safari still doesn't support WebP and it was a problem. But today we want to inform you that Gridbox 2.10.1 includes a fix that allows you to start using WebP.

The solution is very simple, for all browsers Gridbox displaying WebP, but for Safari, Gridbox displaying pictures in the originally uploaded format. Google PageSpeed Insights will be happy!


We have developed an innovative and powerful solution for building Joomla eCommerce and we don't plan to stop. We'll continue to improve the Gridbox Store App and add new features. So don't miss it, we just started!


2.10.1 — 30.09.2020

  • Improvements for the Store tax settings
  • “Description” field to the payment method “Manual Payment”
  • WebP cross-browser support
  • Issue with Canonical URLs
  • Issue with the "Post Tags" plugin
  • Search in Admin panel
  • Hover on post image in the Category List
  • Empty "Email body" for the type "Order Completed" in the Email notifications settings
  • Issue with the Live Product Search
  • Issue with the "Content Filters" plugin and "Lazy Load"
  • Issue with uploading images from the desktop
  • Error notices on the Zero App pages
  • Issue with displaying field type "Price" in the "Category List"
  • Issue with theme selecting within creating a new page
  • Issue with displaying filter results of the plugin “Content Filter“ on non-category page
  • Incorrect (URL) redirect to comments and reviews
  • Filtering when there are no matches in Content Filter
  • Displaying incorrect prices in the Store Statistics and invoices
  • Errors with the Google Structured Data
  • Option "Fullscreen" in the plugin "Product Slideshow"
  • Issue with displaying the plugin "Cart" on devices
  • Issue with “Product Gallery“ and “Field Simple Gallery“ plugins
  • Issue with an option Lazy Load in the plugin "Video"

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