Managing and Assigning Tags Made Simple in Gridbox 2.15.1

Tag Management Made Simple in Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.15.1

Today we're introducing a new update for the Joomla website builder Gridbox with a better way to organize your site tags and a new tag picker. Tag management will become much easier.

Managing Tags

Tags are a powerful tool that groups related content items and allow visitors to filter content by specific keywords.

Gridbox already includes a tag manager that allows you to create tags and manage all necessary info, from title to default SEO. Website builder Gridbox 2.15.1 contains improvements for the tag manager which allow you to work with a large number of tags more productively.

Organizing Tags by Folders

Organizing all your tags by folders helps structure them better. For eCommerce and blog tags, you can create separate folders. In cases when tags have the same title but different SEO data, organizing tags by folders makes tag management easier.

To create a new folder, click on the button “+ Folder” and enter a folder name.

Between folders, tags can be moved using the option “Move to”.

Please note that folders are created to structure tags in the admin panel. Folders don’t change the link structure of the tag.

Assigning Tags to Content Items

We have completely redesigned the picker tag. With the help of the created folders in the tag manager, it will become much more convenient to assign tags to content items.

As you can see on the screen above, with a new tag picker you can filter tags by folders. Structuring is the key to productivity!

Сategory Picker Became Clear

This a small but very important improvement. We have fixed an old issue with displaying subcategories in the category picker. Yes, the issue is closed!

The category picker has become larger, and of course, now the category tree is displayed. The structure of categories and their subcategories is clearly visible.


Even 1000 tags on the site are not a problem. With new improvements, you can easily structure and organize all your tags. A new tag picker will make the process of assigning tags clear. Now you can use tags to the fullest for all your content apps!


v.2.15.1 - 24/05/2023

  • Added: Organizing tags by folders;
  • Added: Brand new tag picker;
  • Improved: Category picker modal;
  • Fixed: Issue with displaying InPost shipping for specific countries;
  • Fixed: Issue in media manager with latest PHP versions;
  • Fixed: Spacing between tags in plugin "Field";
  • Fixed: Issue with displaying settings in Monobank payment gateway.