Luna. eCommerce Joomla Template For Cosmetics & Perfume Shops

Luna. Theme for Cosmetics Shops

Introducing the wonderful Gridbox theme for Joomla eCommerce - Luna. The Gridbox theme Luna provides you a ready-to-use online cosmetics store that will make your business stand out from the competitors in the beauty industry. So if you are looking for a Joomla theme for a cosmetics store, you can stop searching right now, because Luna is precisely what you need!

Luna. eCommerce Joomla Template For Cosmetics & Perfume Shops

This is not just the next Joomla eCommerce theme, it's a breath of fresh air filled with subtle aromas. Luna is a small digital work of art because building online shops with Gridbox is like art. Luna combines neat page layouts with powerful functionality ideal for shops selling perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, makeup and beauty products.

Specificities Of Joomla Theme Luna

Luna is implemented in light tones with powdery accents and gorgeous typography. One of the stylistic features of this Joomla theme is the use of sticky elements such as Sticky Header and Sticky Column on all pages. The Sticky header has a lightweight but expressive logo on the left and AJAX Product Search, Login, Wishlist, Shopping Cart on the right. Keep the most important content always visible using sticky elements!

The theme Luna uses the recently released plugin Breadcrumbs that is perfect for sites with a logical content hierarchy like this Joomla eCommerce theme. Another interesting feature of the theme is that Luna doesn't include a footer. That is why the unusual side navigation menu contains not only the base pages of the store but also Terms and Conditions, as well as links to pages on social networks. Such navigation will become a small highlight of your Joomla eCommerce that will be remembered by visitors.

Gridbox Theme Luna - eCommerce Joomla Template For Cosmetics & Perfume Shops


The Home page is the first place where your visitors meet with your online store, so we made it light, clean and very neat. The Home page greets customers with the Content Slider plugin which focuses the eye on the content. Then right below that the collections of men's and women's perfumes and the bestselling products, so that site visitors can go to the selection of goods immediately. Also, store visitors can go to the latest news about makeup and cosmetics, find out which brands you work with, and subscribe to the newsletter.

Without a doubt, the Home page of Joomla theme Luna contains everything you need to make a good first impression on your visitors. But enough of words, you better take a look at this!

Home Page - eCommerce Joomla Template For Cosmetics & Perfume Shops


The product catalog is the fundamental page of any store. The theme Luna comes with the special shop page that presented in a minimalist design. The key feature of the Catalogue page is the AJAX Sidebar Filter, which is located in the sticky column and allows you to view filter results without a page refresh. This is amazing! Your store visitors will be able to find the right product in seconds without additional clicks.

Product Catalogue - eCommerce Joomla Template For Cosmetics & Perfume Shops

Product Page

Looking for a non-trivial but stylish and memorable product page layout? It is right in front of you! The product page in Gridbox theme Luna comes not only with a beautiful design, but also has a large concentration of awesome plugins.

One Page Menu on product page - eCommerce Joomla Template For Cosmetics & Perfume Shops

Here you will find non-trivial navigation implemented using the One Page Menu, which allows you to smoothly switch from product characteristics to description and Reviews App. After reading amazing reviews, the customer doesn't need to scroll up to add a product to the cart because everything you need to add a product to the shopping cart is in the sticky column. Plus, the Joomla eCommerce theme Luna uses Extra Product Options, so now you can see them in action.


Designing informational content cannot do without using the Gridbox Blog App. So the "Magazine" page is a Category List Layout of Blog App where you will find Category List and sticky column with Categories plugin inside. Sticky side navigation will allow store visitors to easily navigate Magazine topics. Also, the sticky column contains a concise subscription form to keep your visitors informed on upcoming fragrances and new cosmetics.

Magazine Page - eCommerce Joomla Template For Cosmetics & Perfume Shops

Single Post Layout

The Single Post of Gridbox theme Luna is a beautifully designed layout with a sticky sidebar. In addition to text content in Single Post Layout, customers will be able to enjoy Simple Image Gallery, share interesting information on social networks using the Social Share plugin, and using the Author Box plugin to view all the author's articles. Also, the plugin Recent Posts is placed at the end of this page to attract users' attention to the latest news from your Joomla online shop.

Single Post Layout - eCommerce Joomla Template For Cosmetics & Perfume Shops


Get closer to customers by telling your story. On the page About, provide information about your brand to let site visitors know more about their favorite cosmetics store.

About Page - eCommerce Joomla Template For Cosmetics & Perfume Shops


Despite the very simple and intuitive interface of Joomla theme Luna, your customers may have questions. In this case, customers will be able to contact you through the elementary contact form created with Balbooa Forms Builder. And useful and informative Google Maps plugins will help customers find the physical location of your stores.

Contact Us Page - eCommerce Joomla Template For Cosmetics & Perfume Shops

Your cosmetic bag/arsenal, call it whatever you want, has been replenished with one more unique and creative theme. Using this new Joomla theme you may easily build your own online store without any programming skills. So install the Gridbox theme Luna and start your business with a fresh breath of inspiration. And don't forget, the powerful drag & drop editor is at your disposal, so don't limit your imagination!

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