Lightbox Plugin for Gridbox and New Section Button

Lightbox Plugin Released

Today we want to announce one of the most awaited plugin for Joomla website builder Gridbox. With your clapping we are incredibly happy to present the Lightbox plugin.

    Lightbox Plugin for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

    Joomla Page Builder Gridbox allows you to build awesome Lightbox! The importance of the Lightbox on the site cannot be overstated. Generally, Lightbox plugin used in marketing goals to increase the conversions. You can use them for informing your users about discounts, special offers etc.

      Demo - Lightbox Plugin for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

      Or with help of the component Joomla Forms, you can create a subscription form for your mailing. You can easily add created form to the Lightbox, using Gridbox plugin "Forms".

        Lightbox Options

        Gridbox plugins Lightbox and Overlay Section are very similar. In both of them you can add other Gridbox plugins. If you are known to the Overlay Section plugin, take the view that you are already known to the Lightbox plugin. But there is one detail that makes the cardinal difference between plugins - this is a manner of opening. Overlay Section plugin opened by clicking on the button, Lightbox plugin opens automatically!

          Lightbox Plugin - Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

          The next options of the Lightbox opening are available for you:

            Time Delay

            Display lightbox after a specified time.

            Page Scrolling

            Display lightbox after the user has scrolled a certain percentage down the page.

            Bottom of Page

            Display lightbox after the user has scrolled to the bottom of page.

            Exit Intent

            Display lightbox after the user's cursor will go beyond the page.

            Show Once Per Session

            Display Popup once per browser session using Cookies.

            Session Duration, Days

            Session duration in days before it pops up again.

            You can display the Lightbox in the next layouts:

            • Lightbox
            • Notification Window (positions - Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Left).

            More details about all available options of the Lightbox plugin you can find here: Lightbox Plugin - Gridbox Documentation.

            We have prepared for you a short video, which will introduce you to the basic principles of the Gridbox plugin Lightbox.

            Adding New Section

            We have improved the New Section button. Perhaps, you have faced a problem when the site header was in an absolute or fixed position, and the New Section button was keeping close out the site header.

            Now the button has a fixed position and located in the bottom left corner. We also changed the design of the button and added a beautiful animation.

              New Section Button for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox


              Lightbox plugin turned out very powerful and flexible. As before mentioned, Lightbox is a very serious marketing tool that can increase website conversions. But don't forget about the usability of the site. A lot of Popups can only damage your business.


                1.2.4 — 23.08.2016

                • Lightbox plugin
                • Button "New section"
                • Responsive of Slideshow plugin
                • Overlay section plugin under Internet Explorer
                • Counter plugin

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