Gridbox 2.x. What Awaits Us! Chapter 1: The New Editor and Admin Panel

New Dashboard and Editor

We are starting a series of articles dedicated to Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.x. in which we'll talk about the main features of the future version and what awaits you. Today, we want to show you the brand new admin panel and also show the new editor. So, are you ready to discover what awaits you in the near future? Let's roll!

Gridbox 2.x. What Awaits Us! Chapter 1: The New Editor and Admin Panel

If you have just joined us, and you can't understand what's going on here, we recommend you to read this blog post: The future of website builder Gridbox. What to expect? 

The Brand New Admin Panel

The Admin panel of Joomla page builder Gridbox designed in the style of Google Material Design. If you are familiar with our component Balbooa Joomla Gallery, the new design of the admin panel will seem very familiar to you. And that makes sense! We are keeping to the same design, that users can easily enjoy our Joomla! Extensions.

Joomla website builder Gridbox - The brand new admin panel

Manage Faster and More Efficiently

The new Admin Panel can be described by three words - quickly, conveniently and effectively. With the right mouse click, you can open the context menu with additional options. The context menu allows you to work faster and more efficiently.

Joomla website builder Gridbox - Manage faster and more efficiently

Trashed Items

Deleted pages, we decided to place in a separate section - Trashed Items. There you can always find deleted pages and Restore them. In fact, this is a very big plus to convenience, and do not forget about the context menu, here it is also available.

Joomla website builder Gridbox - Trashed items

The Brand New Live Editor

The editor is the most important part of the Joomla Website Builder Gridbox. Frankly, we spent an incredible amount of time making an editor in the Gridbox 2.x as convenient as possible. Ladies and Gentlemen, with an incredible honor we want to introduce you to the brand new Gridbox front-end editor.

Joomla website builder Gridbox - The brand new front-end editor

Today we want to introduce you to the global options of the editor.

Page Settings

In the new version of the Joomla Website Builder Gridbox, we have added an ability to change the page settings actually in the editor. Now you can customize the Page title, Alias, Publishing, SEO, etc., not only in the Admin Panel but also directly in the editor.

Joomla website builder Gridbox - Page settings

It's incredibly convenient because you haven't to spend your time shifting between the Admin Panel and Editor. Now everything is available in the editor!

Adding Pages to Menu Items

We have added the ability to create and assign Gridbox pages to menu items.

Joomla website builder Gridbox - Add Gridbox pages to menus

Just three simple clicks and your page will be assigned to the menu item.

Opening and Adding New Pages

As practice shows, we very often need to open the previously created page. Previously, it took a very long time, because If the page was not linked to a menu item, you had to go to the admin panel.

In the Gridbox 2.x. we have added the ability to open and edit previously created pages, and also, you can create a new page, right from the editor.

Joomla website builder Gridbox - Opening and adding new pages

We are very grateful to our users for their really great ideas, the above-described features were offered by Gridbox users. Thank you so much!

Theme Options

As we wrote in the last blog post "The Future of Website Builder Gridbox. What to Expect?", all options will be completely redistributed. We have been trying to find the ideal structure. How to arrange a huge number of options without disrupting the ease of use of the editor? Answer on the screen below.

Joomla website builder Gridbox - Theme options

How can you see, all theme options are distributed by groups. With Gridbox 2.x you don't need to pass through 4 tabs to change the font setting. Not it’s much easier.

Site Options

In the Site options tab, you can find the Global website settings. At the moment there are arranged the next options:

  • Favicon Uploader
  • Header Code - The code will be added before the closing tag Head
  • Body Code - The code will be added before the closing tag Body

The Custom Code options (Header Code and Body Code) will be very useful if you need to add to the site Google Analytics Code or some other third-party code. You haven't to make any changes in the index.php file, the code can be added directly to the field.

Joomla website builder Gridbox - Site settings


Today we have shown you the design of a new editor. The position of the element's in the editor, we have changed more than 3 times, with only one goal – to make the process of the website creating as much easier as it is possible. You have just to try – and very soon you will get this chance! 

In the next article of the series "Gridbox 2.x. What Awaits Us!" we will tell you about the New Google Fonts Library, Code Editor, and Media Manager. Stay with us!

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