Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.3.0 released with Nested Rows and improvements

Nested Rows and Permissions

Gridbox grid system is a basic structure, is a skeleton for your design and today we are happy to introduce a new update for the Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.3.0 which allows creating Nested Rows. Also, with a new option "Modify Columns" you can change the number of columns for the row on the fly.

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.3.0 Released with Nested Rows and Improvements

Nested Rows and Columns

Ladies and gentlemen, Joomla website builder Gridbox support Nested Rows and Columns. This means, inside an existing column can be added rows with columns.

Nested Rows are a new structural unit in the Gridbox grid system and nested rows can be added only inside columns. 

Nested Rows and Columns - Joomla website builder Gridbox

On the column settings panel, you'll find a new option "Nested rows" by clicking on which will be opened modal dialog where you will need to set the number of columns.

Changing Columns Quantity

And here is a new awesome option that has arrived with Gridbox 2.3.0 is the ability to change the number of columns in already added rows.

On the row settings panel, you'll find a new option "Modify Columns" which allows you to set a new number of columns.

"Modify Columns" feature is also available and for "Nested rows", enjoy!

Changing the Number of Columns - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Edit and View Permissions

In previous versions of Gridbox, you could see the option "Access" which was available for each item (section, row, column, and plugin). This option allows you to set the edit rights for a specific Joomla user group.

In Gridbox 2.3.0 we have renamed this option to "Edit" to make it much user-friendly and also we have added a new option - View.

Edit and View Permissions - Joomla website builder Gridbox

The "View" option allows you to set the access level group that allows viewing an item. So, using this option you can set, that specific item (section, row, column or plugin) will be visible only for a specific Joomla group.

Overlay Section and Lightbox

How to add items from the library into the Overlay section or Lightbox?! With Gridbox 2.3.0 now it became possible!

To resolve this question and allow to add library items to plugins Overlay section or Lightbox we have added a new icon "Library".

Import from Library - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Now you can improve your speed and not waste time on configuring plugins again and again, use Gridbox library!

By the way, a similar solution we already used, you can see it in the Gridbox mega menu.

With Gridbox 2.3.0 you can build a more flexible page construction. Using the nested rows feature you can place Gridbox plugins on the page as you need. Using Modify columns you can improve your speed, now no reason to create new rows to change the number of columns inside the already added row, just click on the icon Modify columns and set so many columns as you need, enjoy!


2.3.0 — 21.02.2018

  • Nested Rows
  • Changing the number of the columns feature
  • Items view permissions
  • Import items from the library to the plugins - Overlay Section and Lightbox
  • Option "Pause on mouseover" for the plugins - Carousel and Slideset
  • Icon libraries source files optimized for better performance
  • Auto scroll feature in the Gridbox editor and on mobile screen sizes
  • Issues with a One page menu plugin
  • Issue with columns on IOS devices
  • Issue with Gridbox plugins Simple Gallery, Slideshow, Slideset,
  • Carousel on Multilangual websites
  • Issue with navigation arrows in the plugin Simple Gallery

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