Gridbox 2.2 Released! Bring Your Mobile Experience to the Next Level

Responsive Editor Improvements

Just a week ago, we released a very large update - Gridbox 2.1, which includes Blogging App for Joomla website builder Gridbox. Today we are happy to present you Gridbox 2.2 - with Improved Mobile Editor. Total control over your website mobile version!

Gridbox 2.2 Released! Bring Your Mobile Experience to the Next Level

New Breakpoints

With Joomla websie builder Gridbox 2.2, you can more flexibly configure the design of your wonderful Joomla websites for mobile devices. To give you more freedom and flexibility, we have added new mobile devices/screen sizes. Now, apart from standard Portrait modes, Landscape modes are also available.

New Screen Sizes - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

At the moment the following devices are available for you:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet Landscape
  • Tablet Portrait
  • Phone Landscape
  • Phone Portrait

Screen Sizes and Breakpoints

With the Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.2, you have the ability to set breakpoints for each device. What does it mean?! You can specify that the styles for Tablet Landscape will start from 1024px, Tablet Portrait - 768 px, etc.

Breakpoints options you can find here: Gridbox Editor ➝ Site ➝ Mobile. 

Breakpoints - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

And of course, we did not forget about the mobile menu (Hamburger Menu). With Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.2. You have the option to set the value at which the mobile menu will turn on.

Manage Columns on Mobile

The ability to change the number of columns on mobile devices is one of the most awaited options. Ladies and gentlemen, today we are incredibly glad to inform you that now you have the opportunity to change the number of columns for mobile devices.

In the mobile editor, you need to open the column options and go to the Layout tab there you will see a new option Mobile - Column Width.

Change Columns on Mobile Devices - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

The default value is Span 12. If you want to reduce the width of the column twice, you need to change the value to 6. And now let's practice and see how it works, for this we recommend you to watch a short video below.

Color Picker Library

In the Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.2 we improved the existing color picker and added a library.

Color Picker Library - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

But the most interesting thing is that you can Add Your Colors. To add your color to the library, select the color you want to replace and select a new one in the color palette. Also, you can simply enter the value of the new color in the field.

Add Your Colors to the Color Picker Library - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Using the color library, you can save a lot of time. You do not need to, again and again, enter color for your buttons, etc, you need just to choose the color in your library. It is very convenient!


Gridbox 2.2 has received a large number of improvements. Now you have full control over the mobile version of your Joomla Website. You can not only set the style to absolutely each element but also you can control the number of columns, set values for breakpoints and device screen sizes.

We will continue to work with new functionality for Joomla website builder Gridbox. If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to write. Your comments are much appreciated!

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