Website Builder Gridbox 2.2.8 Released! Bug Fixes and New Features

 Website Builder Gridbox 2.2.8 Released! Bug Fixes and New Features

Hey! We are happy to introduce you a new update for the Joomla Website Builder Gridbox. We have fixed all the known issues, improved the existing features and added a new plugin.

Typography Options

As you know, Gridbox allows you to set your own fonts in the theme options for the whole website. But, sometimes for specific page blocks, we need to customize font style, change font size or color.

Previously it was possible through options in the text editor (CKE or JCE) or adding own classes and writing CSS styles in the Gridbox CSS editor. With Gridbox 2.2.8 you can configure typography styles for each "Text" plugin!

Typography Options - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

To set own style for the plugin "Text" you need to open "Text" plugin for editing, select tab "General" settings and uncheck the option "Use Global". After that you’ll be able to set your own typography styles for H1 - H6, Paragraph and Links.

Attention! If you check back option "Use Global" all your styles will be reset back to the default theme styles.

Using this feature you should understand one very simple thing - typography options in the plugin "Text" it's an additional tool. First of all Typography styles should be configured in the theme options. Configuring typography for each Text plugin it is a bad idea! Start with the Global styles, from the general to the specific and success will be on your side!

Video Background On Mobile Devices

Since the first versions of the Gridbox Builder, video backgrounds for the mobile devices were disabled. Ladies and gentlemen, today we are happy to inform you, video backgrounds for mobile devices are available!

Attention! IOS devices support only .mp4 source files with enabled "Mute" option.

One Page Menu Improvements

Using the Gridbox plugin One Page Menu you can easily create an awesome One Page Joomla websites. Gridbox 2.2.8 includes awesome improvements for the One Page navigation.

Auto Scroll

A few weeks ago we have launched a new trick tip "How To Create Full Section Scrolling" which allows you to move between sections by single mouse scroll, keyboard arrows and single touch on mobile devices.

Auto Scroll - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Now, this feature is available in the Gridbox, you don't need to write additional code. To enable Auto Scrolling, you need to enable "Auto Scroll" option in the plugin "One Page Menu".

Recommendation! Option "Auto Scroll" should be enabled after selecting endpoints for menu items .

Full Section Scrolling - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

After that, you'll be able to navigate your page between anchors only by single mouse scroll and keyboard arrows.

Animation and Scrolling Speed

Options Animation and Scrolling Speed allows you to set 1 of 8 animations and set the scrolling speed in milliseconds. These options are already familiar to you, you could see them in the Gridbox plugin "Smooth Scrolling"

The Gridbox Video Plugin

And time to introduce the new Gridbox plugin - Video. Using plugin video you can embed any video to your Gridbox pages. As a source for the video can be selected YouTube, Vimeo or source .mp4 file with default browser player.

The plugin comes with standard design options (shadows, borders) which allows you to add awesome style to your video player.

Recommendation! For better page performance we recommend using optimized .mp4 source files for video and video backgrounds.


v.2.2.8 - 8/02/2018

  • Added: Typography settings for the plugin Text;
  • Added: Auto Scroll for the plugin "One Page Menu";
  • Added: Animation and Scrolling Speed for the plugin "One Page Menu";
  • Added: Video background for mobile devices;
  • Added: Ability to close mobile menu by swype;
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Joomla 3.8.4 and higher;
  • Fixed: Issue with bg color of the plugin "Countdown";
  • Fixed: Issue with the plugin "Overlay Section" and Library;
  • Fixed: Shortcuts conflict with Gridbox code editor and media manager;
  • Fixed: issue with displaying Shape dividers code in the page source;
  • Fixed: Issue with columns floating on mobile devices;
  • Fixed: Issue with error "Too many redirects";
  • Fixed: Adding the same tags in the Gridbox Blogging App.

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.2.8 includes important fixes, so we recommend you to update Gridbox.

It’s all for today. We continue working with new features for the Joomla website Builder Gridbox. Feel free to write your suggestions in the comments form below. Let’s Rock!