Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.14.2. View Your Page History

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.14.2. View Your Page History

Have you ever added repulsive animations and then wanted to roll back to a previous version?! Surely each of you experimented with the page design, deleted it and then started over. This often happens in a burst of creativity. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.14.2 which will solve this problem and help keep momentum in your design workflow. Keep an eye out for details and settings. Let's go!

5 Ways to Save Pages in Gridbox

Sometimes it's not enough just to save a page. More often, simply saving a page will stimulate a follow-up action. For example: close, view, copy, etc. We thought it would be great to reduce the number of clicks and make working with the page more flexible. So version 2.14.2 introduced a dropdown next to the Save button, where you'll find five ways to save a Gridbox page. Let's take a closer look at each of these ways.

Save and Preview

Do you want to see the results of your work immediately after saving the page? Select "Save and Preview" from the dropdown list. Your page will be saved, and its front end will automatically open in a new tab.

Save and Close

Do you want to automatically close the page immediately after saving? The second way to save Gridbox pages will help you with it — “Save and Close”. The page closes after clicking, and in the same tab, you are redirected to the Gridbox admin panel.

Save and New

Do you plan to start creating a new page immediately after completing one? Well, you are very productive. By clicking "Save and New", the existing page will be saved, and a new one will open in the same tab.

Save as Copy

Have you created a cool page design and want to repeat it? Use "Save as Copy". You no longer need to go to the Gridbox admin panel to copy a newly finished page. After clicking Save as Copy, the page is saved, and a copy is created in the same tab.

Save to Version History

Do you like the page you created but still feel the effect of incompleteness? Save the page to Version History and keep experimenting. Now you can always go back to the initial page design idea.

Version History. Rollback to an Older Version

Let's imagine the situation: you have created a stylish and functional page. But damn, you pretty much screwed up when setting up the responsive. Previously, you would have to rebuild the page again or look for where you messed up. Either way, you have wasted a lot of time. Now you can roll back to the previous page version in a few clicks. That's perfect!

View and Manage Page Versions

Gridbox 2.14.2 provides an easy way to view page versions. To do this, go to "Page Settings" and open "Version History".

So how do you view a version of a page? To do this, simply click on it, and you will see the page version that you have chosen.

Gridbox allows you not only to view versions of pages but also to rename and delete them. Just use the related icons next to the page version.

Versions reviewed. Have you decided which one you want to roll back to? Well, that's great. To apply the selected page version, click on it and after applying the version, save the page. That's all! So feel free to experiment. And don't be afraid to bring your craziest design ideas to life. Now you can return to the initial version of your page in a few clicks.

Page Version Settings

Next to Page Versions is a tab with Settings. Here you will find three important options to enhance your design workflow. But before we get into the details of each of these options, we want to point out that the Page Version Settings are global for all versions and all site pages.

AutoSave. How about creating a page version without clicking Save to Version History?! Well, it's easy to arrange. Just enable the “AutoSave” option. By enabling this option, page versions will be created after each click on the “Save” button.

Some options are nuanced. So it’s worth discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the AutoSave option right away. The main advantage of AutoSave is the ability to restore your work in case you messed up and did not save the page manually via Save to Version History. We are always absolutely sincere with you. So it would be dishonest not to talk about the disadvantages of this option. The main disadvantage of AutoSave is decreasing the hosting disk space. What does it mean?! Well, let's say your site has 100 pages. When the AutoSave option is enabled, the number of pages increases by 10 times. So your site will have a thousand and not a hundred pages. Therefore, Gridbox provides the ability to enable autosave and set the number of max versions to save. So it’s up to you!

Max.Versions. This option allows you to set the maximum number of versions to save. If the limit is exceeded, the oldest page version will be automatically deleted to add a newly saved version.

CleanUp. Want to quickly delete all page versions? The “Clean Up” option will do it in seconds. Be careful because by using this option you delete absolutely all versions of pages on your site.

Pay particular attention to the fact that page versions save only the content! This means that page settings, theme settings, and global position settings such as the header and footer are not saved. Only page content and nothing else.


Today the new Gridbox version has given you a great feature that allows you to easily return to a previous page version. This will be especially helpful for website developers who like to experiment with design. It's easy to mess up a page, even if you are an experienced designer or developer. However, now you do not need to delete everything and start from the beginning. Let your creativity run wild, and Gridbox will take care of your time!


v.2.14.2 - 23/02/2023

  • Added: Page version history;
  • Added: Additional page saving options;
  • Added: Ability to publish and unpublish page within page settings;
  • Fixed: Issue with a changefreq “Weekly”;
  • Fixed: Issues with a Klarna Payment gateway;
  • Fixed: Issue with installing Page blocks;
  • Fixed: Browser Hotkeys (Copy / Paste) in the plugin Headline and Text;
  • Fixed: Disabling background images on Mobile devices;
  • Fixed: Adding items to plugin Hotspot with enabled sidebar options panel;
  • Fixed: Issue with adding sections with nested rows from the library;
  • Fixed: Issue with closing modal after adding items to the library;
  • Fixed: Issue with multiple product options with type radio on the product page;
  • Fixed: Issue with a classic pagination;
  • Fixed: Issue with paginations on Search and Store search result pages;
  • Fixed: Issues publishing and unpublishing categories and subcategories;
  • Updated languages: Catalan (ca-ES), Czech (cs-CZ), French (fr-FR), German (de-DE), Italian (it-IT), Polish (pl-PL), Russian (ru-RU), Spain (es-ES).