Joomla Restaurant Theme Maestro

Restaurant Theme Maestro

We have not released themes for the Gridbox a long time, but as it was said in the blog post about 160 Brand New Page Blocks, it's time to build incredible and stunning themes for Joomla website builder Gridbox.

Joomla restaurant template Maestro for Joomla website builder Gridbox

Many people use the Internet to research and purchase a variety of products and services, and the restaurant industry is no exception. Before going to a new restaurant, people visit the websites to see the menu, see the location or book a table. Therefore at the present time, every restaurant should have its own website.

Joomla Restaurant Theme Maestro

The Maestro is an easy-to-use responsive Joomla restaurant theme, which is suitable for food websites, bakeries, cafes and restaurants, as well as for various business websites.

Joomla restaurant theme Maestro is executed in a minimalist style, which will certainly underline the harmony of the restaurant and will enable visitors to the site to imbue with the atmosphere that reigns there.

Structure and Used Plugins

The Joomla restaurant theme Maestro for the Joomla website builder Gridbox is fully ready to work. It has everything you need for the full functioning of the restaurant site.

The Gridbox theme Maestro is the first theme built in the shortest time based on the 160 Brand New Page Blocks, which saves time and allows to quickly build the layout logic of each page.

Joomla restaurant theme Maestro is based on the Gridbox Design System. In Theme Maestro uses Presets and Typography Inheritance, which in a matter of seconds can change the fonts on all site and site color scheme.

In Joomla restaurant theme Maestro uses Sticky Header, a fashionable feature that will make navigation of your site even more convenient.

Home Page

On the Homepage, we used the Carousel plugin and the Reservation form of the table, built with the Balbooa Joomla Forms, this will allow your customers to reserve a table in your restaurant without any additional effort and time. And the Google Maps plugin will help to identify the location of your restaurant.

Homepage of Joomla restaurant template Maestro

About Us

On the About us page, you can tell the story of your business, introduce visitors to the team, publish feedback from customers and provide an opportunity to quickly contact you.

About us page of Joomla restaurant template Maestro

Our Menus

On the Menu page, you can not only list the dishes from your menu but make it interesting and convenient for your visitors. You can submit the actual menu categories, such as: Seasonal menu, Lunch menu, Fresh salads, Most popular dishes, Desserts, etc., depends on the specifics of your menu.

Restaurant menu page of Joomla template Maestro

Our News

Our News page uses the Gridbox Blogging App. In the blog, you can inform your visitors about new dishes and tell the news from the life of your restaurant. With a blog, you can get feedback from your visitors and in the future, they can become your regular customers.

Blog category layout of Joomla restaurant template Maestro
Single post page of Joomla restaurant template Maestro

Contact Us

On the Contact Us page, you will be able to provide customers with all the necessary contact information: Address, telephone number, and e-mail address. And also propose visitors to the site use the Contact Form and acquainted with Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact us page of Joomla restaurant template Maestro

A beautiful and easy-to-use website is another opportunity to attract visitors to your restaurant business, highlight the uniqueness of your brand and cause the desire to visit your restaurant.

Use Joomla restaurant theme Maestro for your amazing restaurant website and let the design say for itself!

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