Gridbox 2.0.5 has Arrived with 4 Themes

4 New Themes Released

We are glad to present you Gridbox 2.0.5 with bug fixes and 4 new themes for websie builder Gridbox that are already available and you can import them just in a few clicks.

    Gridbox 2.0.5 has Arrived with 4 Themes

    Adventure Theme

    Adventure is a modern and super creative theme, designed for all activities, hiking or outdoor adventures.

    Adventure Theme for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

    Aura Theme

    Aura is a great theme if you wish to create a Joomla website for legal firms, legal advisers, lawyers, advocates and other legal services.

    Aura Theme for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

    Nomad Theme

    Nomad is the first Gridbox theme with a sidebar menu. Nomad is a clean and light theme that will perfectly suit photographers and creative people.

    Nomad Theme for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

    Wedding Theme

    Very light and soft colors are ideal for creating a wedding website on Joomla. 

    Wedding Theme for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

    10 themes are available for Gridbox 2.x. which include more than 40 pages. The list of all available themes, you can find here: Gridbox themes. More themes will be migrated soon!

    If you just started with Gridbox and have no idea how to install Gridbox themes, here is a link: How to install Gridbox theme? Just a few clicks and absolutely the same website as on the demo will be installed with all content and pictures. It's so easy as never before!

    Gridbox vs. Browser Cache

    As all we know, all modern browsers cache Javascript and CSS files of your website. But it's not very convenient when you build a website, because you need always clean browser's cache to see results of the changes in the Gridbox Editor.

    With a Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.0.5 You do not need to constantly clean the browser cache to see the changes. Just save the page and enjoy the result!


    2.0.5 — 18.07.2017

    • 4 themes
    • Browser cache issue
    • Animations in the plugins Slideshow
    • Star Ratings plugin
    • Issue with selecting Default theme

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