Gridbox 1.2 Released! Header Builder & One Page Menu

Gridbox 1.2 Released! Fully Featured Header Builder

Hello everybody! X day has come. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are incredibly pleased to present you Joomla Page Builder Gridbox 1.2. Gridbox got an amazing update – Fully Featured Header Builder and a number of very interesting and useful things that will simplify the process of creating a Joomla! website with Gridbox.

Header Builder

As we all know, Gridbox includes 2 header layouts: classic and creative.

Current Headers are curtailing our freedom very much. We hadn't a possibility to add a Search, Contact Information, Social Icons or Call to Action in the header of the site.

But today everything will cardinally change, Gridbox 1.2. includes a fully featured Header Builder. What it's mean?! You can build a header in the same way as a site's content.

Now the header is a Section that consists of Rows and columns. And of course you can insert any Gridbox Plugin or Joomla module in the columns.

You receive an unlimited freedom in the truest sense of the word!

Header Layouts

We have added 6 new header layouts. As the result it will be able for you 8 especial header layouts:

  • Classic;
  • Creative;
  • Left;
  • Boxed;
  • Modern;
  • Business;
  • Shop;
  • Magazine.

The main goal of header layouts is to simplify and accelerate the process of headers creating. But! We want to notice that you are not limited by available layouts as it was before in previous versions of Gridbox.

Header Layouts for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

You can take one of the finished layouts and rebuild it beyond recognition.

Logo and Menu

In the new version of Gridbox, the logo and main menu have become as plugins. You have a possibility to move them inside of your header.

But, in order that the system works consistently not only for Desktop but also in the mobile editor we have imposed a number of constraints:

  • You can't take away the logo or main menu out of the header;
  • You can't delete or copy the logo or main menu.

To edit the logo or main menu you need to click the icon "Edit".

One Page Joomla! Website with Gridbox it's Easy!

It's just an unbelievable option. Create a one page sites with Gridbox, it's really incredibly easy.

We have invented and realized innovative method of one page sites creating. We haven't seen before the innovation like that.

We can write about it for miles and miles, but does it make a sense?! Just watch the video below:

Isn't that cool?! Just tell us what can be more easier and quicker?! Gridbox destroys everything on the way by its own innovative. That what's mean Balboa - create easy and innovative extensions for Joomla CMS.

Joomla! One Page Template

Horizontal Layout for Plugins

Yet again we decided to simplify your life. Now, you have an option that will help you to set up the layout of elements inside the column: horizontally or vertically.

Horizontal Layout for Gridbox Plugins

Column Resizing Feature

Starting the version 1.1.1 Resizable Columns, you had the possibility to change the column width.

But we have established some limit. The Column width could be reduced to Span 3. All the constraints off, we need more of freedom, we want a total control!

Ladies and Gentlemen, now you can totally control the width of the columns, you can reduce column width to Span 1. We are sure that you will appreciate this feature!

Update Gridbox!

Update your current Gridbox version! please follow this tutorial: How to update Gridbox Joomla Page Builder

Important Info!

1. Backup your Joomla! website before upgrading!
2. After an update to Gridbox 1.2, header on your website will be displayed in a Classic Layout! You will need just select your Header layout and maybe make small changes in header settings.


  • Added: Fully featured header builder;
  • Added: One Page Menu;
  • Added: New 6 header layouts;
  • Added: Export Gridbox Pages with Menu Items;
  • Added: Feature to display plugins inline inside column;
  • Added: Languages for "Weather" plugin - Persian, Polish, Norwegian;
  • Improved: Column Re-sizer;
  • Fixed: Image URL's, now (../images/example.png);


Most of you have been waiting for this update for a long time. Header Builder was a very serious challenge for us. Eternal hours of testing, remaking, changing the structure and philosophy of Header Builder, it was something crazy that it's not even possible to describe.

Now you have your full freedom and total control over the Header, it's incredibly cool! We will be very pleased to read your comments below. Write us, don't be shy. Peace & Love and see you soon! Rock 'n' Roll is Just Beginning!

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