Gridbox 1.0.3 Has Arrived. Grinding for Perfection!

Gridbox 1.0.3 Has Arrived. Grinding for Perfection!

Hello everybody. Today we have a new blog post, and we want to talk about the new version of Joomla Page Builder Gridbox.

Many of you have noticed that we aren't striving for the amounts of options and plugins. The quality and convenience of the work are more important for us. That isn't to say that we're not planning to add something new. We strive to ensure that every detail of the Gridbox Page Builder was perfect.

That's why, the new version of Gridbox generally includes a service pack, that focused on upgrading the current functionality.

So, let's consider in some detail what we have prepared for you. Here we go!...

Inline Text Editor

Probably, you think what is new can be in Text plugin?! So as to bring to perfection, we have to move on.

Let's remember how it was before. You add a text plugin in the column, click the edit icon, and the modal window opens, in the dialog box you edit your text.

Such manner of editing the content of website can't give you a possibility to see the actual text, because the modal window overlap the page.

With upgraded Text plugin, you can edit your content in real time, without modal window, it's unbelievably cool…

Sure enough, you can edit not only the actual text, but you can also edit their style. With text highlighting, the format toolbar appears and permits to add a link, italic type etc.

Gridbox Inline Editor

And of course we left the classic editor of Gridbox - CKEdittor, which provides a great amount of possibilities and making an edition of content more flexible.

CKE text editor

In order to open a modal window with all the possibilities of CKEdittor you have just click on the Edit icon.

Image Replacing

Imagine the situation when you have downloaded the slides in a slideshow, added titles, descriptions, icons and the immense desire to change some slides are coming to you, certain problem will turn on the way. You can change the picture without deleting the slide, then you have to fill in all over again.

We have added a possibility to change the images of Slideshow and Image plugins to make a work with Gridbox most comfortable.

Replace Images in Gridbox

The option will be very helpful for customers of Gridbox PRO, who have access to the Gridbox themes. Now you can change the defaulted pictures very easy.

We want to say thank you to our customer Giuseppe, for this simple but unbelievably useful idea.

Folder Trashed

Even the most attentive person can't be insured by such things as deleting the page. It always happens in very unexpected moment. Such unpleasant thing to lose all the results of the work done.

Deleted Page

We have added the folder trashed to give you a possibility to restore the deleted pages. Similar folder exists in almost all of the standard Joomla components.

Now, in case of accidental deletion of the page, you haven't break your keyboard, you have just pass to the folder trashed and restore your deleted page.

Gridbox Folder Trashed Pages

In case of deleting, absolutely all the pages are getting the folder trashed, don't forget to clean it up. Purity and order should be everywhere, your admin panel is no exception.

Update Gridbox from downloaded archive!

Update your current Gridbox version from downloaded archive! please follow this tutorial: How to update Gridbox Joomla Page Builder


  • Added: Inline Text Editor;
  • Added: Folder Trashed;
  • Added: Adding Image through text plugin (CKEditor);
  • Added: Image replacing option;
  • Improved: Page item copy function;
  • Improved: Performance for editor;
  • Fixed: CSS bugs;
  • Fixed: Cross-Browser issues;
  • Fixed: Bugs with background images;


We're sure that you will get keen pleasure in working with an updated Text plugin.

Don't forget to write us your propositions in the comments, we appreciate your attention and support! Let's create together.

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