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Joomla Gym & Fitness Theme Stone

Joomla Fitness Template Stone

The Joomla Website Builder Gridbox is becoming more powerful with each new update. And thanks to that creating Joomla websites is getting easier and faster. To once again demonstrate the Gridbox features, we decided to release a Joomla template. So Ladies and Gentlemen, in this lovely fall day, welcome the power, activity, perfection, and responsive in one Theme Stone for the Joomla Website Builder Gridbox.


On the Homepage contains all the information that is necessary for the fitness site visitor. Namely fitness courses, trainers and all features the sports club. The features of the fitness center are presented as the Flip Box plugins to save page space.

Bright red registration form motivates to register for the first free session. Thanks to the Google Maps plugin customers quickly find out about the location of your fitness center.

Home Page - Joomla Fitness Template Stone

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Our Team

The Our Team page contains information about the gym team. Each coach has a personal page.

Our Team - Joomla Fitness Template Stone

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Training classes was also created using the Gridbox Blogging App. On that page added various types of sports training classes. Each class has its own page where customers can find more information.

Fitness Classes - Joomla Fitness Template Stone

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On the Pricing page have information about the cost of membership and personal training. Information was created using Gridbox Page Blocks, namely pricing table and pricing list. Pricing Page - Joomla Fitness Template Stone

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Our News

On the Our News page is used the Gridbox Blogging App in all its glory. Here visitors to the site will find the latest news about the gym and much more.

Blog - Joomla Fitness Template Stone

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Contact Us

Full contact information is on the Contact Us page. Here visitors can ask their questions and leave wishes using a Contact Form which was created using Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder.

Contact Us Page - Joomla Fitness Template Stone

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Create an awesome Gym & Fitness website using Joomla Website Builder Gridbox and theme "Stone". Let your site inspire visitors to act!