Introducing Zero App. Build Your Own Content Apps

Introducing Zero App

Ladies and Gentlemen, after 6 months of hard work, we are ready to introduce you Gridbox Zero App with Custom Fields. Build your own content apps - product catalogs, property listings, events, directories and any other of content types using custom fields and drag & drop editor. Zero App bring Joomla website builder Gridbox to the next level.

We are looking back to 2015, and remember that we had no idea how to present Gridbox to customers. The idea to combine Template Framework and Page Building was unique. But we always knew, that Gridbox is more than just a page builder and we will not stop on the creation of static pages!

Today, we are presenting a really powerful and flexible tool, which will change a way of building sites with Gridbox. The tool which provides you the ability to build your own catalog systems using custom fields. Just take a look at the demo to understand what's going on. Everything you'll see on the demo is not static plugins. All data are displaying using custom fields.

Introducing Zero App. Build Your Own Content Apps

Introducing Zero App

Zero App has the same dashboard and structure as a Gridbox Blogging App. Zero App with custom fields can be installed like any other Gridbox App in Apps Manager.

Content building starting from adding custom fields in the single post layout. So, move to "Single Post Layout" editor.

Single Post Layout Editor - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Single Post Layout and Custom Fields Plugins

The magic starts here. Custom fields are implemented as Gridbox plugins. So, the field should be added like any other plugin.

Custom Fields Plugins - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

In the list of plugins, you can find 8 new plugins:

  • Plugins “Field” and “Field Group” with next types of fields:
    • Text;
    • Textarea;
    • Checkbox;
    • Radio;
    • URL;
    • Number;
    • Date;
    • Event Date;
    • Time;
    • Range;
    • Attachment File;
    • Tag;
    • Field Google Maps;
  • Field Simple Gallery;
  • Field Slideshow;
  • Field Video;
  • Field Image;
  • Event Calendar.

Note: Fields plugins are available only in the Single Post Layout editor.

Fields Group Plugin - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Unlike Gridbox Blogging App, Zero App provides you absolute freedom, if it is necessary you can delete default plugins "Intro Post", “Post Content” and replace them with custom fields. Freedom of building with Gridbox Zero App!

Category List Layout

Category list layout allows you to configure the view of items listing. To the plugin "Category list" we have added the ability to display added custom fields.

To start displaying fields in the plugin Category list, open Plugin Settings, move to Fields, using a switcher select fields which should be displayed.

Displaying Custom Fields - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Using a simple drag & drop you can sort fields as you need.

Ordering Custom Fields - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

In the design settings, you can find options that allow configuring fields style.

Displaying Custom Fields in App Plugins

Custom fields can be displayed also in Gridbox plugins: Recent Posts, Posts Slider, Post Navigation and Related Posts.

So, you can display a list of recent or popular items on the Home page with added fields, enjoy!

Adding a New Post and Grouping Fields

After adding all fields inside the single post layout and configuring category list, it's time to create your first post and complete all fields.

To make an item submission UX friendly, we have added the "Group Fields" feature which allows you to combine fields into groups, and sort fields and groups using drag & drop.

To start sorting and grouping fields, click on the switch button "Group Fields".

Enable Submission Editor - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

To create a new group, click on the plus icon "New Group" and enter the name of your group.

Adding New Fields Group - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Using the simple drag & drag, move fields and group them as you need.

Move Fields Using Drag and Drop - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox


Zero App with Custom Fields boosts up Gridbox to a completely new level. Just imagine the power and flexibility. You can build from simple portfolios and projects listings with pre-installed fields to huge catalogs with products, events, cars, real estate, etc.

Before this update, Gridbox already included such tools like a Sitemap Generator, Performance Tools, Canonical URLs, Photo Editor, Reviews System, Comments System, Blogging App and + today's update with Custom fields, and all this in one extension - Gridbox!

What’s Next?

For beginners, without experience in CCK and working with custom fields, we have great news! Based on Gridbox Zero App, we plan to create a collection of pre-built content apps with configured fields and layouts. Using pre-installed Gridbox Apps, you'll speed up the process of website building.

Based on created Content Apps we’ll design Gridbox themes. Themes will be a great example to show how apps can be used. Build powerful and flexible dynamic websites with Gridbox!


2.8.0 — 04.07.2019

  • Zero App
  • 8 New Field Plugins
  • Border options for the plugin “Category List”
  • Issue with Constants Overrides
  • Conflict with Google Chrome 75 and “Auto Scroll” feature in the plugin “One Page Menu”
  • Issues with endpoint scrolling in plugins “One Page Menu” and “Sticky Header”
  • Issues with an alias on in Gridbox Blogging App
  • Issues with adding "Related Post" plugin in the Single Post Layout
  • Issue with login modal window (Comments and Reviews Apps) on IOS devices
  • Issue with Recent Posts plugin and Pagination
  • Issue with Random Sorting and Pagination in the Recent Posts plugin
  • Issue with Tags editing

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