Introducing Yandex Maps And OpenStreetMap Plugins

Openstreet and Yandex Maps

Today we want to introduce a new update of the Joomla website builder Gridbox with an alternative to the existing Google Maps plugin. So, meet Gridbox 2.6.5 with two new maps plugins - Yandex Maps and OpenStreetMap, and with a few new useful features.

Introducing Yandex Maps And OpenStreetMap Plugins

Google to evolve core APIs and as a result, we began to receive a large number of questions about how to generate Google Maps API Key. Therefore we decided to provide you alternative to Google Maps, new plugins Yandex Maps and OpenStreetMap for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox!

Yandex Maps Plugin

The Gridbox plugin Yandex Maps allows you to add a map to any page of your website. The plugin is integrated with popular mapping service Yandex.Maps.

Markers and Infoboxes

With the Yandex Maps plugin, you can put a few markers and infoboxes on one map. Just enter your location or drop the marker on the map.

Adding New Location to Yandex Maps Plugin

Edit the color of the marker to make it noticeable. Enter the name and description of the infobox to provide all possible information about the location of your business.

Marker options - Yandex Maps Plugin

The ability to add multiple markers will be useful for a company that has a few branches and addresses.

Plugin Options

Like all Gridbox plugins Yandex Maps easy-to-manage. In the plugin settings, you can easily set the height of the map. Enabling the "Control" option will allow customers to use additional features: detect the current location, routes planning, view traffic on the set routes and select "Layers". The "Scroll zooming" option will allow visitors to scale the location. And the option "Draggable map" will allow moving the map quickly.

Yandex Maps Plugin Options

Using these options you provide customers with the ability to find out the location of your business easily and fast.

Enabling Yandex Maps

To start using Yandex Maps you need to enter the Yandex Maps API Key.

Yandex Maps Plugin - How To Get Yandex Maps API Key?

OpenStreetMap Plugin

OpenStreetMap is an excellent alternative because you don’t need to generate the API Key. All you need to do is add the OpenStreetMap plugin and set your location.

Adding Locations

Location can be entered in two ways. Point the location right on the map and pin a marker or get the coordinates on the website OpenStreetMap. To do this, enter the address you need and after that, the longitude and latitude will be automatically generated. Click on "Where is this?" and copy the coordinates. Paste the coordinates in the appropriate field in the plugin settings.

Adding Location to the map - OpenStreetMap Plugin

You can add unlimited locations on the map.

Map Themes

With the OpenStreetMap plugin maps can be not only informative but also attractive. In the plugin settings, you will find 7 different map themes. Choose the most suited map theme that will fit the design of your website perfectly.

OpenStreetMap Themes

YouTube Lazy Load

Is not a secret that YouTube videos greatly slow down page loading. For better page performance we added a new option "Lazy Load" for the Gridbox Video plugin.

Enabling Lazy Load for YouTube Videos

With the enabled “Lazy Load” feature, YouTube videos will start loading only after the customer clicks on the preview image. Just enable the new option Lazy Load for Youtube videos and speed up your website.

Lazy Load YouTube Videos

Displaying Intro Image

The visual elements are a great way to improve the speed of finding the right information. Therefore for easy-to-use, we added the intro image to the posts list in the Blogging App.

Intro Image To The Posts List

This simple improvement will help you to find posts much quickly.

New Color Variables

Continuing to improve the Gridbox, we added the Gridbox color palette with Color Variables to the Gridbox plugin Text and blog post panel.

Color Variables For Text

The feature allows to add color variables inside the text and inherit the value from your color theme palette.


2.6.5 — 06.03.2019

  • Yandex Maps plugin
  • OpenStreetMap plugin
  • Lazy Load for YouTube videos (plugin Video)
  • Displaying intro images in the posts list
  • Color variables for plugin Text and Post editor
  • Issues with a plugin "Testimonials"
  • Issue with the Flipbox presets
  • Issue with a Slideshow thumbnails

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