Introducing the Author for the Gridbox Blogging App

Introducing Blog Authors

Today we are proud to introduce the Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.5.8 with the Gridbox Author manager and the plugin Author Box, that will change the view and perception of your blog.

Introducing the Author for the Gridbox Blogging App

With these new features, you can not only add authors to the Blogging App but also display information about the author in a blog post, sort all articles by author and even follow the authors in the social networks. Let's start!

Author Manager

Gridbox Blog Author Manager allows you to add, configure and delete authors for Gridbox Blogging App.

Gridbox Author Manager - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Gridbox Blog Author Manager can be visited by clicking on the icon "Authors" in the sidebar menu.

Adding a New Author

In the "Gridbox Author Manager" a new author can be added by clicking on the icon "Add New Item", in the opened modal window you'll need to enter the author name and assign Joomla User.

Adding a new author - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Note, that for one Joomla user can be assigned only one author.

Author Profile Options

The author's settings can be opened with the right click on the author, from the context menu select "Settings".

Author profile options - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Author settings allow you to rename author, set the alias for the author listing page, reassign Joomla user, set the author profile picture, description for the Author Bio and links to social profiles.

Settings in Tabs Media and SEO allows you to set info for the Author Listing Page.

Assigning an Author

In order to assign an author for an already created blog post, you need to open the blog post settings, go to the author's field and select the author from the drop-down list.

Assigning an Author to a Blog Post - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Gridbox supports the ability to add multiple authors to a blog post.

The Author Box Plugin

To display the author info at the end of the blog post, we have created a new plugin "Author Box".

The Author Box plugin - Joomla website builder Gridbox

The plugin "Author Box" allows you to display author profile picture, name, info from the field description and social links.

The plugin "Author Box" can be added and displayed only in the Blog post layout.

The Author Box layouts - Joomla website builder Gridbox

As an any other Gridbox plugin, the plugin "Author" comes with a wide range of options which allows you to configure the Author Box layout easily.

Displaying an Author

To make the blog more attractive and informative, we have added the option which allows displaying the author profile picture and author name in the post info.

Displaying author in blog plugins - Joomla website builder Gridbox

To start displaying author info in the post info, open plugin settings and enable the option "Author". The Author info can be displayed in the next blog plugins: category list, search results, post navigation, recent posts, post slider, related posts, post intro.

Displaying author in blog intro - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Viewing Author Posts

By clicking on the author name or profile picture you’ll be redirected to the "Author Posts" page with all author posts.

Author Posts - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

The style and layout of the "Author Posts" page is inherited from the category list page.

Duplicate Plugin Items

Gridbox Author Manager is not all for today's update! Also, we have improved the UX for Gridbox plugins. As you know such plugins as accordions, tabs, slideshow, carousel, etc. have their own items. One tab it's an item of the plugin tabs, one slide it's an item of the plugin slideshow.

In the Joomla website builder Gridbox, we have added a "Copy" options for plugin items. 

Duplicate plugin items - Joomla website builder Gridbox

This option will save you time. Suppose you created a tab with nested rows and columns, to create a new tab with the same structure, you need just to make a copy.


2.5.8 — 24.10.2018

  • Gridbox Author manager
  • The Author Box plugin
  • Possibility to reselect Joomla Modules, Balbooa Galleries and Forms in the corresponding Gridbox plugins
  • Possibility to copy plugin items
  • "Previous Post" and "Next Post" headlines to the plugin Post Navigation
  • Issue with Drag and Drop in the Mega Menu
  • Issue with presets in the plugin “Flipbox”
  • Issue with not closing blog post editor
  • Issue a blog pagination
  • Issues with a blog routing system
  • Issue with adding pictures in the CKEditor
  • Issue with selecting icons in plugins “Menu” and “One Page Menu”
  • Color variables view in the editor
  • Color variables layout in the editor
  • Issue with adding rows in plugins “Tabs” and “Accordions”
  • Issue with the link in the plugin “Slideshow”
  • Issues with a plugin Flipbox in the Safari Browser
  • Small CSS issues in the Safari browser
  • Issues with plugin Lightbox
  • Issue with a sidebar menu toggle button (admin panel)
  • Issues with a sidebar menu layout

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