Introducing Gridbox with Joomla 4 Compatibility & New Features

Joomla 4 Compatibility & New Features

We have great news for you! Now all Balbooa Extensions are Joomla 4 compatible. Also, we improved the Gridbox code that allows you to create online stores with 10+ thousand products. Plus, awesome new features await you. Scroll down to find out more!

Introducing Gridbox with Joomla 4 Compatibility & New Features

Gridbox is Fully Compatible with Joomla 4

A few weeks ago, we released the Balbooa Gallery update with Joomla 4 compatibility. It's time to announce that Gridbox is also ready to meet Joomla 4.

Customers who installed and tested Gridbox might think that without our efforts and improvements, Gridbox was already compatible with Joomla 4. However, this is not the case. For several months we have been preparing the Gridbox for innovations and with each update, we modified the code to work properly. Progress does not take place in a vacuum.

Add to Cart Button Anywhere in Gridbox

Gridbox 2.12.1 provides a great opportunity to turn any button into an Add to Cart button. Let's customers quickly add products to their cart from any Gridbox pages. Below is a quick demonstration of how easy it is to turn a plugin Button into an Add to Cart button.

Sell from a blog post. Place the button in blog posts when talking about discounts or making a presentation of a new product.

You are not limited to selling only through the product catalog. Now you can sell anywhere on your site without unnecessary redirects. By the way, this will be a great addition for memberships sites as pricing tables are commonly used for selling subscriptions.

Create Flexible Discounting Tactics

Discounts are not only a nice bonus for your customers but also a great way to increase sales. As you know, the tool for creating sales in the Gridbox Store App has been available since the release, but we always strive to make Gridbox even better and more powerful. Therefore, we implemented one of your suggestions and improved the Sales settings in Store App.

The tool for creating discounts has become more functional. And the Store Settings seem a bit crowded. Therefore, we have moved the creation of sales to a separate menu item. Now, to create a new discount or edit an existing one, mouse over on the icon Store ➝ select Sales.

What's new in the discount tool? An unlimited number of discounts at your disposal. This means that you can create as many discounts as you need. Assign a discount not only to a specific category but also to some products. Also, you can choose how to set the sales as a percentage or enter the amount. And as before, you can set the start and end dates of the sale. Explore improvements and increase sales with advanced Sales settings!

Collapsible Categories

Does your site have many categories and subcategories? Then, the new option Collapsible in the plugin Categories is exactly what you need. The option Collapsible will solve the problem of long nested category lists. The collapsible list menu with categories is closed by default. Click the triangle to collapse the category and subcategories below it.

To make your categories more attractive and user-friendly, go to the Categories plugin settings and enable Collapsible. It's simple!

Search by App

Make your Joomla website searchable by individual apps. Gridbox 2.12.1 comes with a new feature for the plugin Search that will allow you to search in a specific app instead of the whole website for more accurate results. Search by the app will be useful for well-structured sites. Just go to the Search plugin settings and select the app you need.

Gridbox Store with 10 000+ Products

Are you planning to create a website with 10 thousand products but doubt its speed? Throw away all doubts and fears. With Gridbox, even creating an online store with a large number of products has become possible.

Brief prehistory. A customer contacted us with a problem. The slow loading time of eCommerce site with more than 7 000 products. We took this task as a challenge and quickly found a solution. We'll not tell the whole procedure with boring details. Just know that we have improved the Gridbox code. Now you can safely create large online stores with a huge number of products. Impressive, isn't it?

Another joint victory that made Gridbox even more powerful.

Search in Gridbox Media Manager

Search is a great feature that makes finding media files much easier and faster. The ability to use Search has already been added to the Gallery media manager. And today, we are pleased to inform you that you can also use Search in the Gridbox to quickly find media. To find an image or video in the media manager, click on the icon Search and start typing the file name.

Compatibility with PHP 8

A big update to a programming language is always a fun task for developers. The Balbooa Team successfully solved this task too, so it's time to run your websites on PHP 8.


All Balbooa Extensions are fully Joomla 4 ready. Well, we’re looking forward to the Joomla 4 stable release. Until then, update the Gridbox and enjoy the new features. And don't forget to leave your comments below, we're interested to know what you think about the added features.


2.12.1 — 17.08.2021

  • Compatibility with Joomla 4
  • Search in Media Manager
  • The option "Sort by" to plugin Tags
  • Sorting posts by Event Date in the Zero App
  • Ability to set styles for price in the Store App
  • Tags and Authors to the Breadcrumbs plugin
  • The option Collapsible in the Categories plugin
  • Ability to turn the plugin Button into Add to Cart button
  • The ability to restrict the search by the app in the Search plugin
  • Issue with the file global-library.css
  • Issue with plugin Slideshow and PHP 8
  • Issue with adding a new comment/review
  • Issue with text-align in the Categories plugin
  • Issue with assign a product in Promo Codes
  • Issue with adding the plugin to the blog post editor
  • Issue with displaying the option "Views" in Blog plugins
  • Issue with the link to comments/reviews on multilingual sites
  • Issue with animation of sections, rows, columns with a delay of more than 4 seconds
  • Issue with changing the number of products when creating an order in the admin panel

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