Introducing Gridbox 2.16.1 with Multicategories and New Features

Multicategories and New Features

Today we invite you to another exciting journey into the world of unlimited possibilities Gridbox. If you're looking for a more expressive, efficient, and amazing web design experience, then you're in the right place. In this update, we'll take you by the hand from an improved favicon that makes your site recognizable on different devices to excellent eCommerce improvements. However, among all these new features, Multicategories are the superstar of this update. So buckle up, and let's go explore new horizons in content management with the Joomla website builder Gridbox!

Introducing Gridbox 2.16.1 with Multicategories and New Features

Multicategories. Even More Flexibility

In the world of dynamic web solutions, continuous improvement of functionality is the key to successful website development. Meet Multicategories for Gridbox. This new feature will transform the way you organize and present content. Now you can display posts in multiple categories at the same time, making your content more accessible and user-friendly.

Multicategories open up new horizons for you. Previously, each post could only belong to one category, which could sometimes limit your ability to display content. Now you can expand the impact of each post. The Multicategories feature is available for Gridbox apps: Zero, Store, and Blog.

How does it work? When you edit a post, you can select multiple categories in which the post will be displayed. The default category remains primary but adding additional categories expands the display range of the post. For the correct display, we have changed the Category Picker.

Advantage of the Multicategories feature:

Effective management

Selecting multiple categories allows you to manage content more flexibly without creating unnecessary duplicates.

More audience

By displaying a post in different categories, you are expanding your audience and also more accurately falling into the interests of different user groups.

Clearer navigation

Your site visitors can easily find the items they are interested in by navigating between different categories without looking for duplicate posts.

Increase the content value

The ability to display posts in different contexts can make your content more viewable for more users.

Improved Content Management by Tags

We are pleased to announce the latest changes in our Recent Posts, Posts Slider and Event Calendar plugins. Now you can choose which posts to display based on their tags. This additional improvement will allow you to easily control and adapt content to suit your needs.

With the new feature to select posts by tags, you get more flexibility when displaying content on your site. Focus on a specific topic of your content by choosing the right tags. Don't limit yourself to categories only, you can display posts with different tags to highlight the variety of content.

Selecting posts by tags is easy and intuitive. Just select the required Type – Category or Tags, and then set the tags you want to add. Plugins will automatically display posts matching the selected tags.

Displaying posts by tags in Recent Posts, Posts Slider and Event Calendar plugins is:

More targeted content

You will be able to fit content to suit your audience's specific interests and preferences.

Increased relevance

Displaying posts by tags allows your visitors to find more relevant content that matches their queries.

Effective management

Selecting posts by tags simplifies content management, allowing you to create more specific and interesting sections on your site.

eCommerce Improvements

We do not rest on our laurels and continue to make your Gridbox experience unforgettable. One area where we have added innovation is eCommerce. We understand the importance of providing tools to create attractive and user-friendly online stores. Here is an overview of Gridbox eCommerce improvements that make the shopping experience even more convenient.

New data tag Order Weight

We always listen to your suggestions and strive to provide tools that will cover your needs. Introducing the new data tag "Order Weight", an innovative solution for determining the weight of the entire order. This will make the process of shipping your products easier.

When organizing the delivery process, it is important to be completely clear about the weight of the products in the order. Now with our new Order Weight data tag, you can easily determine the order weight in one place. This will make it easier for you to calculate shipping costs and choose the best carrier.

How it works? Adding an Order Weight data tag to your order is quick and easy. All you need to do is just enter the weight of each item, and then the total weight of the order will be automatically calculated. You can change the order and add new products, the weight will be recalculated automatically.

Displaying SKU in Email Notifications

We strive to make every aspect of working with the Gridbox Store App enjoyable for you and simplify your processes. In this context, we are pleased to introduce you to a new option that will allow you to have a clearer view of your products. Now you can see the SKU in a separate column in email notifications and orders.

Why is this needed? A product SKU is a unique code that is used to identify each item in your store. Your inventory management, ordering, and sales tracking activities are usually associated with this unique code. Displaying the item's SKU in email notifications and orders will make your job easier by providing insight into what's going on.

How does it work? After today's update, the SKU will be displayed in a separate column in email notifications and orders. Now you can easily see this unique code next to the item name, making it easier to manage and track products.

Advantages of displaying the product SKU:

More clarity

By having access to the SKU in email notifications and orders, you will be able to more accurately identify what the item is. This will be especially useful when processing a large number of orders.

Simplified tracking

With the display of the product article, you can more easily track the movement of products at all stages, from ordering to delivery.

More efficient management

Displaying SKU in email notifications and orders will allow you to manage inventory more efficiently and speed up order processing.

Favicon. Uniqueness in Every Detail

We're excited to introduce you to an improvement that will add a touch of personality to your sites — the new favicon standard. A favicon is a small but essential detail displayed on a browser tab beside the site name. However, our improvements have allowed us to look at favicons from a new perspective. Now they not only decorate the browser tab but also create an identity style on various platforms, including iOS and Android devices.

Favicon for all devices - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

One of the main changes is that the favicon should be uploaded in .png format. This solution not only simplifies the upload process but also allows you to achieve higher image quality. You no longer have to worry about how to convert an image to .ico format, which used to be a stumbling block.

We also recommend uploading 512 x 512 px favicon images. This recommended size ensures optimal display on all platforms, keeping detail even at the highest resolutions. If you forgot how to add a favicon to your site, see our documentation:

It is important to us that every aspect of your web project reflects your uniqueness and style. Therefore, we didn't miss the opportunity to improve even such a small detail as the favicon. We are confident that the new favicon standard will be a significant step towards creating better and more efficient websites.


We always strive to ensure that Gridbox not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. New features are designed to help you manage content more effectively, improve user experience and make your sites even more attractive to your audience. From displaying favicons on different devices and multicategories to more flexible eCommerce customization, as well as the ability to display posts and events by tags. Each update makes your Gridbox experience even more memorable and productive. Together we create a better web world, and every step forward is a step towards an even brighter future in the online space!


2.16.1 — 24.08.2023

  • Multicategories
  • Displaying content by tags in plugins: Recent Posts, Posts Slider, and Event Calendar
  • Displaying content by categories in Event Calendar plugin
  • New data tag “Order Weight” to Gridbox eCommerce
  • Displaying product SKU in Email Notifications and Invoices
  • Displaying site favicon on iOS and Android devices
  • Hotkeys in the header and body script fields
  • Hotkeys in the media manager
  • Links in the plugin Content Slider
  • Issue with search and special characters
  • Issue adding field Country on the Checkout page
  • Issue with managing sitemap options in apps and categories
  • PHP Deprecated issues in the media manager
  • Issue with adding empty tax in eCommerce
  • Disabling Shape dividers on mobile devices
  • Issue with displaying images on subpages

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