Introducing Gridbox 2.13.0 with Grid Improvements and More

Grid Improvements and More

Today, we introduce you to a new version of the Joomla website builder Gridbox. Version 2.13.0 includes many improvements: the ability to set the margin left and right, align content inside a column horizontally, blur, and much more. Want more flexibility and features? They are waiting for you in this update!

Introducing Gridbox 2.13.0 with Grid Improvements and More

Horizontal Margins for Everything

We hear you, and we know how many of you have been waiting for this feature in Gridbox. Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to inform you that absolutely all items, from sections to plugins, can set values for margin-left and margin-right.

How to increase spacing between columns? How to add a margin to the left for a button? How to add spacing between columns on mobile devices? The answer is simple — using margin-left and margin-right. Enjoy!

Display Plugins Side by Side

In Gridbox 2.13.0, we want to offer you a new way to display plugins inside columns. Usually, plugins are added vertically, one below the other. Today's update will give you the ability to set the direction of displaying content within a column — vertically or horizontally.

In the column settings, you will find a new Direction option. Want to display plugins horizontally? Just select — Horizontal.

The left and right margin options will come in handy for displaying plugins horizontally.

Alignment Items Horizontally

As you know, Gridbox can align items vertically within a column using the Content Align option. In Gridbox 2.13.0, we have gone even further and made it possible to align items not only vertically but also horizontally.

In addition, we've replaced the dropdown with the icons you already know from absolute positioning.

Gridbox Sticky Sections

You probably remember the Sticky Columns option. Well, we've also added a sticky option for the Gridbox sections. You can create amazing things with the sticky section. Just take a look at the example below.

And all this without any custom code. How to enable it? Everything is very easy, as always. In the section settings, you will find the Sticky checkbox. Turn it on, and the "Offset" option will also become available to you. We are confident that you know how to handle these options.

Sticky Rows

Why stop? If we made Sticky Sections, why not make Sticky Rows too?! To your applause, we present Sticky Rows. And immediately, see what amazing things you can create with Sticky Rows.

Sticky Rows turn on like Sticky Sections. However, you already know how to do it. And of course, the Offset option.

Note that sticky rows work within the parent section. While the sticky sections are displayed within the Body. This means that for the sticky row and section to work, the height of the section or body must be greater than the height of the screen.

Blurred Backgrounds and Overlays

Blurring backgrounds has always been, is, and will be popular in web design. In Gridbox 2.13.0, we added the ability to blur backgrounds and overlays for sections, rows and columns.

In the background and overlay settings, you will find a new type — Blur with the ability to set the blur effect.

Use the blur options to create amazing designs. You can use them for the navigation background. By the way, now it is a very popular trend. You can also use it as a background for lightboxes and section overlays. Take a look at the animations above with sticky rows and sections, they come with blurred backgrounds.

Shape Divider

So much talk about shape dividers. To be honest, we did not expect that they will be so popular on your sites. Therefore, in this update, we have also made improvements to shape dividers.

Well, first of all, we've added a shape divider preview to make your choice easier.

Secondly, now you can set not only the height of the shape divider but also the width. This way you can give different contours to the shape dividers and make them unique.

And thirdly, we have added 12 new shape dividers: two types of blot, circles, grunge, hexagons, hexas, stoner, triangles, and four types of wave. Look closely at the animations in this post, they all include new shape dividers. Enjoy!

What’s Next?

We very rarely disclose our plans. But today, we want to share what awaits you in a future update.

The next update will include the ability to set units for all sizing options. You will be able to choose between PX, EM, REM, etc. We've been postponing this update for a very long time and spent most of our time focusing on the most requested options. But everyone needs to keep up with the times. Using relative units (EM, REM, VW, and VH) will greatly simplify editing the mobile version of the site.

Also, we will change the default settings of all sizing options to relative units. Your sites will become as mobile-friendly as possible, and you will put a minimum of effort into setting up a responsive design.

After updating with units for sizing options — Parallax scrolling effects and Lottie animations will be introduced to add more dynamic and smooth experiences on your Gridbox-based sites.

Write in the comments below if you have any recommendations or suggestions for the default settings of items in Gridbox. We will consider and discuss it. We will be happy to simplify and make the process of creating websites with Gridbox even more user-friendly. We are rapidly moving into the future, and nothing can stop us!


2.13.0 — 17.11.2022

  • Ability to set margins left and right to all Gridbox items
  • Ability to set plugins direction in the column - horizontal or vertical
  • Alignment items horizontally in the column
  • Sticky sections
  • Sticky rows
  • Background type Blur for backgrounds and overlays
  • 12 new shape dividers
  • Preview for shape dividers
  • Ability to set width for shape dividers
  • Displaying 2 plugins Wishlist on the page
  • Replacing custom fields and Default SEO
  • Content filters plugin
  • Currency separator in Gridbox eCommerce
  • Creating an invoice in .pdf within a new order
  • Issue with a field Country in Gridbox eCommerce

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