Introducing Gridbox 2.10.10 with Improvements and Bug Fixes

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Today we introduce a new Gridbox update. This update brings optimizations and improvements features to the Gridbox core quality. We’re excited to drive you through the most interesting changes that will allow you to create optimized and clean-code sites better, faster, stronger.

Introducing Gridbox 2.10.10 with Improvements and Bug Fixes

Cleaner HTML — Better Performance

One of the most important improvements of the Gridbox 2.10.10 - is cleaner HTML code.

We have inspected more than 70 Gridbox plugins. One by one we improved the code of each plugin and brought them to perfection. Inconspicuous but extremely time-consuming and important process.

Externally Hosted Digital Products Files

The Gridbox Store App has made it incredibly easy to sell digital products. You can sell ebooks, photos, music, fonts, graphics, video courses, and many more downloadable files.

In Gridbox 2.10.10, we want to introduce a new feature for digital products - the ability to host downloadable product files on external hostings and file storage services.

Assigning an external file to the product can be done by entering the link to the downloadable file at the field "Upload Product File".

It’s gonna be a really great feature for those who sell products with large files - movies, video courses, games, etc.​

Bulk Actions Toolbar

Here is another improvement that can greatly speed up your workflow - bulk action toolbar in Gridbox plugins. Toolbar with bulk action buttons allows you to make mass operations, like copying or deletion.

Bulk action buttons are also available in Zero and Store plugins.

Another improvement, ability to unpublish items in the list. It's gonna be very useful if you want to temporarily hide a specific item in the slideshow, gallery, tab, or anywhere else.

Minimum Order Amount

Another new option for your Joomla online shops awaits you today - Minimum Order Amount. This option allows you to set the minimum amount in the shopping cart for placing an order. Minimum Order Amount will be especially useful for online stores selling low cost products.

To set Minimum Order Amount, go to Store Settings ➝ General ➝ Checkout.

How does it work and what will a customer see in the cart if his order amount is less than the set amount? It's pretty simple, the button "Checkout" is not available until the order becomes more than the set minimum order amount. Until then, the customer will see the inscription “Minimum order amount is 150 €”. See the screenshot below.

Compress Images On Upload

Compressing images before uploading... this sounds awesome, isn't it? Today we turn your desires into reality. Yes, it may be difficult to believe but Gridbox 2.10.10 has arrived with an option that will automatically optimize your image files as you upload them in Media Manager. Just imagine how much time you will save using this option! No more online resources or 3rd-party software to compress image size.

To enable the option go to Site Settings ➝ General ➝ Media Manager ➝ Compress Images On Upload.

Also, you can set the Max Size, Quality, and even automatically convert images that you upload to WebP format. The Gridbox makes the complex seem pretty simple!​

Sticky Header For One Page Only

As you remember, Sticky Header is a global plugin. When added, the Gridbox plugin was displayed on all pages within the theme.

The new version of Gridbox 2.10.10 allows you to display a sticky header within one page. To do this, just add the plugin Sticky Header to the page column. But if you want to display a sticky header on the entire site, add the plugin to the global theme positions - header or footer.


Sometimes it is useful to slow down, turn around and assess the road that we have traveled so as not to miss anything. Details are what should not be forgotten. Exactly the well-thought-out details create a quality and powerful product.


2.10.10 — 07.04.2021

  • Bulk actions toolbar
  • Weight for product variations and extra options
  • External links on source file for digital products
  • Ability to set minimum order amount for Gridbox Store App
  • Compress images on upload to Gridbox Media Manager
  • Ability to display plugin "Sticky Header" for a specific page only
  • Two new module positions "top-full-width" and "bottom-full-width"
  • Highlighting search results
  • Issue with displaying intro text on the search results page
  • Issue with multiple Store cart on the page
  • Lazy Load in the Gridbox plugin Recent Post Slider with Store as a source
  • Lazy Load with enabled Deferred Loading
  • Issue with order editing in the admin panel
  • Multiple "Move-to" in the Gridbox Media Manager
  • Issue with uploading the same file to the Gridbox Media Manager
  • Issue with whitespace in the plugin "Headline"
  • Resetting price in the Gridbox plugin "Content Filters"
  • Issue with moving plugins and nested rows by drag & drop inside plugins "Tabs" and "Accordions", which are placed in the Overlay Section
  • Issues with multilingual sites
  • W3 validation issues
  • Deleting the icon in plugins "Search" and "Store Search" plugins
  • Displaying posts in the plugin "Event Calendar"
  • Issue with pagination in the admin panel
  • Issues with plugins "Cart" and "Wishlist" with enabled site cache
  • Issue with downloading digital products

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