Introducing First Joomla eCommerce Template Snoop

First eCommerce Theme Snoop

A week ago we presented a tool that had changed the rules of the game. The new generation of Joomla eCommerce began with the Gridbox Store App release. And today we want to provide you a ready-made powerful solution for beginners and professionals - Joomla eCommerce Theme Snoop. So let's take a look and see what we have designed for you!

Introducing First Joomla eCommerce Template Snoop

Snoop: eCommerce Theme With Visual Editor

Joomla eCommerce theme Snoop designed to demonstrate the power of Gridbox with Store App. The modern eCommerce theme Snoop includes everything you need to create a professional-looking store. With the theme Snoop for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox, you'll attract more visitors who will in the future turn into your regular customers.

The visual editor sets Snoop apart from other Joomla eCommerce themes. Drag and drop editor gives you a lot of freedom in changing the look of the theme and allows making changes in real-time. Make the required change, replace product photos, descriptions, and start your online business!

Home Page: Pixel-Perfect Design

Design is what creates the first impression and helps your business attract new customers. The theme Snoop has a clean and highly eye-catching design so that the main focus is always on products.

The home page of the theme Snoop for Joomla eCommerce comes with three main product categories presented as attractive images so that visitors can immediately start browsing the desired clothing category. New arrivals are presented using the Post Slider plugin to interest regular customers. With the Snoop theme design, users can immediately start browsing the store's assortment and making purchases.

Homepage of Joomla eCommerce Template Snoop - Gridbox Store App

Header And Footer: Focus On Navigation

We know how important it is to provide easy navigation in an online store. Therefore the Gridbox theme Snoop comes with the heavy focus on navigation and provides a non-trivial Fixed Header that contains neatly arranged elements: social icons, a new Store Search plugin, the quick jump button "Stores" that directs to a page with all contact information.

Also in the Fixed Header placed the Mega Menu, Wishlist, and Cart that allows customers to proceed to checkout in one click on any page.

In the footer placed the subscription form and all the necessary pages, from social networks to the page with frequently asked questions. Such a user interface looks light and simple to anyone who will visit your store.

Shop Page: Key To Moneymaking Online Store

The Shop page displays all the products in your store. At the top of the page, you'll find an interesting way categories presentation using the plugin Categories.

Products list can be filtered by color, size, and so on, using the Gridbox plugin Content Filters. Also, products can be sorted by price, novelty, etc.

Available colors of the product are displaying in the list together with "Add to Cart" and "Add to Wishlist" buttons. Provide a simple shopping experience with eCommerce Joomla Theme Snoop and help your visitors to find what they looking for.

Shop Page of Joomla eCommerce Template Snoop - Gridbox Store App

Product Page: Secret To Growing Sales

The eCommerce theme Snoop comes with a well-designed Product Page. The first to attract the attention of users is the Product Gallery, which will allow a thorough view of the product before buying. And Color Options will allow them to select the product with the desired color.

Product info, Gridbox Reviews App, the Size Chart that opens in the Overlay Section are neatly arranged on the page in the Accordion plugin. So keep users' attention on the product without unnecessary information.

Also, your online store visitors can add a product to a Wishlist without registration and login and purchase it later.

Product Page of Joomla eCommerce Template Snoop - Gridbox Store App

Blog: Interesting About Style And Trends

The Gridbox theme Snoop comes with another excellent App. With the Gridbox Blog App, you can write about new trends in the fashion world or upcoming promotions and their conditions. The Blog page has an airy design with a custom Sticky Sidebar Menu to help your customers quickly navigate the blog categories.

Blog of Joomla eCommerce Template Snoop - Gridbox Store App

Post Layout: Your Posts Will Want To Read

Show style in everything and even in Single Post Layout. The Joomla eCommerce theme Snoop has a beautiful post layout. So fill blog posts with interesting content so that your customers want to read it to the end and leave comments using Gridbox Comments App.

Post Layout of Joomla eCommerce Template Snoop - Gridbox Store App

About Page: Briefly Introduce Your Business

On the About page of Joomla eCommerce theme Snoop, you will find a beautiful layout to present your business.

About Page of Joomla eCommerce Template Snoop - Gridbox Store App

Contacts Page: Short Location Info

By using the Google Maps plugin, provide your clients with a simple way to find your stores on a map. Place the phone numbers of your stores' offices, specify the opening hours, and of course, provide your visitors with a contact form using Balbooa Forms. With Joomla eCommerce theme Snoop you get an intuitive and attractive Contacts page so that any user can contact you in the most convenient way.

Contacts Page of Joomla eCommerce Template Snoop - Gridbox Store App

If you’re looking for a stylish Joomla eCommerce theme for your online business that looks great and has the ability to make any changes using the visual editor, Snoop is a perfect choice for you. Install the Gridbox theme Snoop and start selling online today. With Joomla eCommerce theme Snoop it’s easier than you think!

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