Introducing Filter by Date Range in Gridbox Content Filter Plugin

Filter by Date Range

Today we want to introduce another update for the Joomla website builder Gridbox. In version 2.14.4, you will find the ability to filter content by date range, an improvement for the Accordion plugin and bug fixes.

Filter by Date Range in Gridbox Content Filter Plugin

Filter Items by Date Range

As you know, Gridbox provides a great opportunity to create your own content app using Zero App. In combination with the Event Date fields and the Event Calendar plugin, Gridbox customers create event listing sites.

In Gridbox 2.14.4, we are introducing a new option created especially for event listing sites — the ability to filter items in the Content Filters plugin by field date and event date.

In addition, we have added the ability to filter by date tags: today, this week, weekend, next week and this month.

Calendar Options in Content Filters

Enabling the option to filter items by date is very simple. Open the Content Filters plugin settings, then Fields, and enable the date or event date fields.

As we noted earlier, the calendar in the Content Filters plugin sorts by date and event date fields. Therefore, the main requirement to use this functionality is that you have date and event date fields in your app.

Accordion Auto Scroll

Site visitors may experience some inconvenience when displaying large content in the Accordion plugin. When opening an accordion tab, the header goes off the visible screen area.

Absolutely all accordions work this way. This is their basic principle. Usually, this issue is solved by adding a small JavaScript code, which we provided on our support forum.

In Gridbox 2.14.4, we are introducing a new option for the Accordion plugin — Auto Scroll.

No more JavaScript code! Just enable the Auto Scroll option and when you open an accordion tab, it will automatically scroll to the header of the opened tab. Enjoy!


We are sure that customers who create event listing sites using the Gridbox Zero App will appreciate the ability to filter items by range date. This functionality is an integral part of all modern event listing sites. Also, given the popularity of the accordion plugin question, this option will make life much easier.

Also, we want to point out that, unlike the previous titanic updates (which included huge changes in the structure of the Gridbox core), we are turning to work on improving the functionality. This means that updates will be more stable and based on your suggestions. Let the party begin!


2.14.4 — 06.04.2023

  • Filter by fields date and event date
  • Auto scroll for the plugin Accordion
  • Issue with editing plugin Flipbox
  • Design of some input fields in the editor
  • Disabling counters in the plugin Categories
  • Issue with border settings on mobile devices
  • Issue with labels in the plugin Comments box
  • Background "None" on mobile devices
  • Issue with a coupon code popup
  • Updated language: Portuguese Brazil (pt-BR)

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