Introducing Extra Product Options For Gridbox Store App

Extra Product Options

Do you need to sell products with additional services or probably your product comes with a wide range of configurations? This update is exactly what you've been waiting for! Say hello to the Website Builder Gridbox 2.10.2 with Extra Product Options for the Store App.

Introducing Extra Product Options For Gridbox Store App

Extra Options. Power Up Your Products

Extra Options are additional product components or services with price fields that are added to the cart and are automatically calculated in the total amount of the product.

We have prepared amazing examples for you that can be implemented on live eCommerce sites. Get inspired and apply to your projects!

Ordering pizza online would be an excellent example of using Gridbox extra options. The base for pizza is the product, the size of the pizza is options, toppings and sauces are extra options.

Also, Extra Product Options can be widely used in the door and window manufacturing business.

Types Of Extra Product Options

In the Gridbox Store App, you already had different field types of product options such as dropdown, color picker, image picker and tag. With Extra Options two new field types have arrived: checkbox and radio buttons.

In the video below you’ll find the entire process of configuring Extra Options from creation to assigning to a product.

Displaying Extra Product Options

Extra Product Options are displayed on the product page and at every purchase step from adding products to the shopping cart to placing an order. Let's take a look at how it looks at different stages of the purchasing process.


Today we have provided you with another powerful tool that allows you to sell configurable products and products with additional services. Make your customers' life easier, not every housewife knows how to connect a washing machine. Enjoy!


2.10.2 — 14.10.2020

  • Extra Product Options
  • Issue with not required checkbox fields and radio buttons on the "Checkout" page
  • Issue with the “Content Filters“ plugin and Email Address Encryption option
  • Issue with default selected shipping on the "Checkout" page
  • Issue with Store Email Notifications
  • Font Inheritance on System Pages

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