Introducing eCommerce Plugins That Increase Store Sales

Plugins That Increase Store Sales

The Gridbox Store App continues to expand its functionality. And today, we're going to provide you an excellent way to get more orders on your online store. Meet the Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.11.2 with new plugins and improvements that allow you to display Custom Related, Recently Viewed, and Best Selling Products.

Introducing eCommerce Plugins That Increase Store Sales

Displaying Custom Related Products

One of the best ways to increase your store sales is using up-selling and cross-selling strategies by displaying specific related products on your store product pages. According to marketing research, up-selling and cross-selling strategies can increase store sales by up to 30%.

In Gridbox 2.11.2, the plugin “Related Posts” comes with a new option “Related by Custom” which allows displaying selected products as related.

On the product submission page, you’ll find a new section “Related Products” where you will be able to assign products.

Also, in Gridbox 2.11.2 you will find a new plugin “Related Posts Slider” which allows displaying related posts (products) in a beautiful carousel or slideshow.

Recently Viewed Products

Provide a better UX and easy access to recently viewed items on your shop with the new store plugin “Recently Viewed Products”.

The plugin comes with tons of design and layout options that allow configuring a beautiful carousel or slideshow on the product page with recently viewed products during the week.

Best Selling Products

Here is another improvement for Gridbox plugins “Recent Posts” and “Post Slider”. Plugins have arrived with the new sorting option “Best Selling” that allows displaying the most sold products from the whole store or specific store category.

Using the flexibility of the Gridbox plugins, the list with best-selling products can be placed anywhere in any layout. Enjoy!

What’s Next?!

Right now we are working with a huge update for the Gridbox Store App - the ability to create memberships and subscriptions directly in the Gridbox. Stay tuned, Gridbox Store Subscriptions are coming soon.

If you have any suggestions and questions, feel free to write in the comments below!


2.11.2 — 24.06.2021

  • New plugin "Recently Viewed Products"
  • New plugin "Related Posts Slider"
  • The ability to display Custom Related Products
  • Sorting by "Best Selling" for plugins Recent Posts and Posts Slider
  • An anchor link to reviews and comments
  • Adding products to cart
  • Category permissions
  • Adding CSV imported products to the cart
  • Gridbox image compression and image Exif data
  • Issues with plugin Related posts

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