Introducing Blog Post Settings Sidebar and Masonry Grid Layout

Introducing Post Settings Panel

Improvements are an important part of the successful and stable development of the Joomla website builder Gridbox. Today we have prepared for you a new update, which includes totally rocked changes for the Blog Post Editor, a new awesome Masonry Grid Layout and more. So, meet Gridbox 2.6.3!

Introducing Blog Post Settings Sidebar and Masonry Grid Layout

Blog Post Options Panel

Not a few questions have been received after the release of the Brand New Blog Post Editor about how to upload intro image.

Blog Post Settings Sidebar - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

So, in the Gridbox 2.6.3 we want to propose you a new way of adding and editing blog post information. The intro image, title, link, tags, and etc. can be filled in the settings sidebar, which makes the blog post editor an easy to use and intuitive.

Blog Post Settings - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Masonry Layout

Masonry Grid Layout is a popular layout that allows you to place posts beautifully and dynamically in the optimal position on the blogging app page. We added Masonry to 3 already existing layouts.

Masonry Grid Layout - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Masonry grid layout is available for the category list, search results and blog plugins: recent posts and related Posts. You can customize the view and change the style of each element, starting from the image and to the button.

Start using masonry grid layout and make the presentation of your blog posts more creative and attractive.

Media Manager Root

In the Gridbox 2.6.3, you can specify the Root Folder for the Gridbox Media Manager.

You can set the root folder in the Gridbox settings. To do this, click the "Options" icon in the left sidebar of the Gridbox admin panel. Select "Options" and in the "Path to Images Folder" field set the name of the folder.

Default Path in Gridbox Media Manager - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

After that, click the "Save" button and voila the root folder for the media manager is changed.

Weather Plugin Improvements

As you know, in the previous update we have changed the data source for the Gridbox Weather plugin. And to make the Weather Plugin better, we made improvements.

Set location by geo coordinates - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Set location by geo coordinates or city ID. This improvement will make weather forecasts more correct.

The city ID or geo coordinates of the location you can find on the OpenWeatherMap website.


2.6.3 — 06.02.2019

  • Masonry grid layout for blog items
  • Ability to set default path for the Gridbox Media Manager
  • Ability to set location by geo coordinates and city ID in the plugin "Weather"
  • Instagram's Slideshow feature
  • Ability to display more than 20 posts in the plugin "Instagram"
  • Issue with a margin for cover layouts in blog plugins
  • Conflict between "Lazy Load" and "Mega Menu"
  • Issue with sliding in the plugin "Post Slider"
  • Issues with "Adaptive images" in the blog
  • Issues with a single post layout
  • Issue with copying items in plugins: Slideshow, Carousel and Slideset
  • Issue with "Overlay Section" button in the mobile editor
  • Issue with Preloader on mobile devices
  • Issue with transition on mouse hover
  • Issue with side navigation on mobile devices
  • Issue with caption in plugins: Carosel, Slideset, Post Slider

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