Innovative and Modern Blogging Platform For Joomla CMS. Gridbox 2.1

Innovative and Modern Blogging Platform For Joomla CMS. Gridbox 2.1

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.1 with Innovative and Revolutionary Blogging App Launched! Gridbox Blogging App it's a Totally New Level. Start Building Awesome Joomla Blogs with beautiful and modern layouts easily and fast using Joomla Website Builder Gridbox.

Blogging App Demo

Prehistory of The Blogging App

When we released the first version of the Gridbox (October 6, 2015) we could not decide how to introduce the Gridbox to Joomla! World because the Gridbox is a symbiosis of the Page Builder Extension and Joomla Template Framework, and also the Gridbox was the first 100% Fronted Builder for Joomla CMS - it was a Breakthrough!

And all this time we thought about the blog, but then it seemed unreal, something unattainable and impossible.

And today we released! The Blogging App for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox is ready! Blogging App is an incredible progress for our team. It’s a New Level!

Gridbox is more than just a Page Builder or Template Framework, Gridbox is Fully Featured Website Builder for Joomla CMS.

We want to note that Gridbox Blogging App is available only for Gridbox PRO Subscribers.

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The King Theme

How to show all new features of the Blogging App? Create a theme! Gridbox Blogging App includes tons of options, includes new plugins and the best way to show you all new possibilities - it's a new theme for Blogs and Magazines. The King theme is the biggest theme in our collection.

To show you all new features, King theme includes: 6 Homepages, 9 Category Styles, 9 Single Post Styles, 6 Headers Styles and 3 Contacts Pages.

Blogging App Demo

Before installing King Theme Update Your Gridbox to version 2.1

Quick Start with Blogging App

Friends, we highly recommend you to familiarize the documentation. Just a 5 minutes and you will be like a PRO.

How to Create Your First Blog Post?

How to Configure Blog Post Intro Picture and Title?

How to Configure Single Post Layout?

How to Change Posts Listing Layout?

More detailed information, about how to istall Blogging App, How to Assign App to menu item you can find in the Gridbox documentation.


Gridbox Blogging App will bring you to the new level. Forget about ugly blogs with old-school layouts and start building awesomely beautiful Joomla Blogs, right Now, with Gridbox. The Future is Here, the Future is the Gridbox! The Best is Yet to Come!

And of course, we want to say a big Thank You to All Gridbox Users, that you are with us, thank you for your support, for your advice, we really appreciate it!

Join Gridbox PRO for $59