Improvements for Gridbox Search and Store Search Plugins

Search and Store Search Plugins

We know how much you love our new developments, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about existing features. To make the Joomla website builder Gridbox better and more modern, we need to work on what is available from time to time. So ladies and gentlemen, today we want to introduce improvements to the Gridbox search plugins. In addition, you will find many other changes and fixes in this update.

Improvements for Gridbox Search and Store Search Plugins

Search and Store Search Plugin Improvements

Balbooa Extensions keep up with the times. Functional improvements and upgrades are an essential part of providing a quality product to customers. We're not perfectionists (well, we think so), but there is always something that can be done even better, more convenient, and functional. Therefore, our attention was stopped on search plugins. Search and Store Search plugins in Gridbox work great, but with the addition of new options, it works like a charm. See for yourself!

Live Search. Display Results Immediately

Help customers find what they need without reloading the page. Use the Live Search option to display search results instantly. Now the live AJAX search is available in the Gridbox plugin Search. Reduce the search time for your customers to provide the maximum benefit and convenience from using your site.

Live Search - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Multiple Apps. Search by Selected Apps

We know what you've been missing in search plugins. The choice of several apps for which the search will be carried out, right?! Now, this option is at your disposal. To start searching in multi-apps, go to the settings of the Search or Store Search plugin. Set "Multiple" in the field App, and then just select apps for searching.

Search by Multi-Apps - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Display Search Results Where You Want

Where do you want to display search results, on the system page or in the category list? By selecting “Category List Layout”, the search results will be displayed on the category page without going to the system page.

Display Search Results in Category List - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

The “Display Search Results In” option is available in both Gridbox plugins. So, where to display search results is up to you.

Background. Add Colors to Your Search

Oddly enough, search plugins don't have an option to set a background. Previously, the lack of a background in the search was compensated by using a row or column background. It would seem such a simple option but so necessary. How we could miss this point when developing plugin settings remains a mystery to us. In any way, now you can easily set the background in the settings of the Search and Store Search plugins.

Page Structure Panel. Rename

Together with you, we make Gridbox better. Sometimes you draw our attention to some moments that we might have forgotten. For example, a few weeks ago we released the Page Structure Panel that you really liked. Taking into account your suggestions, we added the ability to rename the names of elements. All you have to do to rename an element is just right-click in the Page Structure Panel and click Rename.

Rename Items in Page Strucrure Panel - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Canonical URLs. Trailing Slash

To be a trailing slash, or not to be, that is the question... You'll find a lot of different information about this on the Internet. Gridbox, as always, gives you freedom of choice. We've added a new Trailing Slash option to the Canonical URLs App, and it's up to you to decide whether to use a trailing slash or not.

Trailing Slash in Canonical URLs App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Plugin Text. Remove Style On Paste

Using copy-paste from a third-party site or document in the Text plugin always added other styles. It's a little annoying, isn't it? We have eliminated this misunderstanding. Now all styles are automatically removed. Working with Gridbox has become even faster!

Sort Items Alphabetically

Process optimization speeds up work and increases efficiency. For example, the ability to sort items alphabetically will save time for you and your customers. The option to sort posts by Title A - Z and Title Z - A is available in the following plugins: Category List, Recent Posts, Post Slider, and Related Posts.

Sort Items Alphabetically - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Plugin Hotspot. Display on Hover

Do you remember the awesome Hotspot plugin that shows additional product features? So, we added even more interactivity to this plugin. Now you have the option to choose how to display the popover on hover or on click. Just go to the plugin settings and select the variant you like in the Display field.

The Display on Hover option in Hotspot - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

What's Next?

With today's blog post, we've started a series of updates to improve existing Gridbox functionality. So stay tuned to our news to be the first to know which of the plugins we'll improve next.


2.12.14 — 13.07.2022

  • Live search for the plugin Search
  • Search by multiple apps for plugins Search and Store Search
  • Possibility to choose Search results page in plugins Search and Store Search
  • Background color for plugins Search and Store Search
  • Shadow options for plugins Search and Store Search
  • Possibility to rename items in Page Structure panel
  • Trailing Slash to Canonical URLs app
  • Removing styles on paste in the plugin Text
  • Alphabetical sorting for plugins Category list, Recent posts, Post Slider and Related Posts
  • Possibility to display Hotspot’s popover on hover
  • “Intro text” field to Gridbox CSV Import/Export
  • Issue with editing text in the plugin Hotspot
  • Issue with displaying Hotspot items in the page structure panel
  • Issue with copy/pasting styles in the plugin Smooth Scrolling
  • Issue with copy/pasting styles in the plugin Post tags
  • Issue with adding Global items to the library
  • Issue with adding product to cart from the category list
  • Issue with lowercase within adding new tags
  • Increase/decrease the text size in Joomla Accessibility plugin
  • Issue with the Mega Menu width
  • Closing Mega Menu within moving, adding, etc., items inside

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