Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.15.0 eCommerce Improvements

Huge eCommerce Update

In a previous blog post, we talked about making updates smaller. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep our word. Today we have released another big update. In website builder Gridbox 2.15.0, we've added what you've been waiting for. Import and export orders, invoice editing, and the first shipping integration and that's not all that awaits you in today's update. We hope that you are already clapping your hands with delight. So keep your eyes open. Let's go!

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.15.0 eCommerce Improvements

Import and Export Orders

Importing and exporting orders it's an efficient store management tool. Why might you need it?

  • Planning to move from your eCommerce to Gridbox Store app?
  • Need all sales data to run your own reports and analytics?
  • Accountant requesting data about orders?
  • Want to back up your order history?

The built-in order import and export tool allows you to solve the above tasks and migrate order data using a CSV file.

Importing Orders

Ready to move orders to Gridbox eCommerce? Orders importing made easy. The importing process is very similar to importing products in Gridbox.

From the toolbar, click "Import / Export CSV", in the modal select the import method, upload the .csv file, and pick additional options if necessary.

Importing Methods

If you are moving orders from 3rd party eCommerce, “Mutсh fields” is your choice. To update previously exported orders, select “Gridbox CSV file”.

More detailed information about exporting and importing orders you can find in the documentation: ​​Import and Export orders.

Exporting All Orders

To export absolutely all your store orders click the button "Import / Export CSV" from the toolbar, move to the tab “Export”, and export orders.

Exporting Certain Orders

To export certain orders, pick orders from the list and click on the "Import / Export CSV", navigate to the tab "Export" and click button "Export".

Exporting Orders by Date Range

Accountant require a report for the last month? Select the data range, pick all orders and export orders. Get +1 to your karma from the accountant.

Editing Invoice Template

  • How to edit an invoice?
  • How to add a company identification number?
  • How to add a business logo to the invoice?

And to all other questions related to invoice editing, we are happy to answer - yes, it’s possible! Starting today, you can edit the invoice template and add all the necessary information, from the company logo to the tax identification number.

To start editing the invoice, navigate to “Store settings”, tab “General”, and click the icon “Edit” near the label invoice.

The invoice template editor allows you to:

  • Upload company logo to display in invoices;
  • Manage company information;
  • Manage customer information;
  • Add additional information to the footer.

In addition, you can use data tags for the company and customer information.

The New eCommerce Integrations

In Gridbox 2.15.0 we have added two new eCommerce local integrations - a new payment gateway and the first shipping integration.

InPost Shipping Integration

Meet the first shipping integration in the Gridbox Store app - InPost Parcel Delivery.

InPost integration allows customers to select delivery destinations from available parcel lockers or parcel points on the interactive map.

Detailed information about InPost integration, you can find in the documentation: InPost Integration.

Why InPost? DHL or FedEx are more popular services. Thanks to our ambassadors, who have promoted our extensions on Poland Joomla Days and Joomla meetings we have a large Polish Community. Since we are a customer-oriented company, we can’t ignore unlimited requests to add InPost shipping integration.

Monobank Payment Gateway

We have great news for our Ukrainian community. Monobank payment gateway is available for Gridbox eCommerce. Monobank is Ukraine's virtual bank that provides internet acquiring and allows managing data and transactions on the smartphone.

Integration guide you can find in the documentation: Monobank integration.

Monobank is already the 15th payment gateway available on the Gridbox store app and you don't have to pay extra to get one of them.

Discount on Cart Total

We want to introduce you to a great marketing tool that will increase sales in your online store. Discount on cart total allows you to offer discounts based on the cart totals. For example, you are offering a 10% discount to buyers on buying products worth $100. Even more, you can create multiple discounts and motivate customers to buy more:

  • 10% discount on buying products worth $100
  • 20% discount on buying products worth $150

To enable a discount on the cart total, navigate to discounts and in the discount restrictions settings set - cart.

Boost your sales by offering a flexible discount system. Motivate buyers to purchase more by adding multiple discounts on the cart's total price. Successful sales!

Hide Cart When Empty

The cart is an essential part of any online store. However, the Gridbox store app allows you to build more than just a classic store site. You can sell memberships for online courses, sell digital products on the artist's website, and sell anything else. Displaying the shopping cart is not always suitable for such sites.

In today’s update, we introducing a new option for the plugin cart, the ability to hide the cart when it’s empty. The option you’ll find in the plugin settings.

After enabling the option, the cart on the storefront will be invisible until you add a product.


After a series of extensive and technically complex updates related to the editor, base grid system, CSS minimization, scroll animations, and CSS units we planned to start releasing small and light updates. But something went wrong. We decided to release one big update for eCommerce, which will include long-awaited features. Sure you'll find useful features for your eCommerce site. Today is the best day to start moving your products to the Gridbox store app. You have everything you need to start selling with Gridbox.

If you have any questions related to new features or general suggestions, feel free to write in the comments form below.


2.15.0 — 09.05.2023

  • Importing and exporting orders
  • Editing invoice template
  • InPost shipping integration
  • Monobank payment gateway
  • Discount on cart total
  • Hide shopping cart when empty
  • Overlay’s color picker in the plugin “Content Slider”
  • Disabling animations on mobile devices
  • Displaying HTML code in the smart search results
  • Disabling overlays on mobile devices
  • Issues with mobile menu placed inside mega menu
  • Issue with installing the Polish language
  • Database notification in Joomla admin panel
  • Disabling shadows on mobile devices
  • Issues with the plugin “Content filter”
  • Inputs height in the user accounts
  • Dropdown height on the checkout page
  • Hover color in the plugin “Event Calendar”
  • Issues with a font style in the plugin “Event Calendar”
  • Issues related to sticky header z-index
  • Inputs styles in the editor
  • Columns alignment on mobile devices
  • Issue with displaying coupon code modal
  • z-index issues with likes and sharing in the comments box
  • The color of stars in reviews
  • Items with fixed positioning in the header
  • Issues with creating orders in the admin panel
  • Saving page with not selected app in the plugin "Content filter"
  • Issue with shadow on hover
  • Issue with spacing at field "Country" on the checkout page
  • Updated languages: German (de-DE), Polish (pl-PL)

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