Gridbox Store App. New Generation Of Joomla eCommerce

Gridbox Store App Released

This is what we have all been waiting for. Today we want to introduce an intuitive and innovative way of building modern Joomla eCommerce sites. Ladies and gentlemen, under the loud applause, meet the Gridbox Store App - visual drag & drop eCommerce website builder for Joomla CMS. It's time to say "Hey!" to the future, the Gridbox is in play!

Gridbox Store App. New Generation Of Joomla eCommerce

Innovative eCommerce Platform On Joomla

The Joomla Website Builder Gridbox changes the rules of the game. The Gridbox Store App is the first of its kind website builder for Joomla that allows creating eCommerce sites. With visual drag and drop editor you absolutely free in your action. Build a stunning online shop in minutes on the fly. This is not magic. With Gridbox Store App, this is a new reality!

Intuitive And Functional Dashboard

The Gridbox Store App comes with a clear dashboard with different widgets and intuitive side navigation. The placement of each button is clearly thought out so that setting up the store is easy. Also on the dashboard, you will find Store Statistics with a stylish graph that will help you monitor sales on your Joomla eСommerce site. Filter order statistics by date range, view the best-selling products, analyze and boost sales.

Store Dashboard - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

Build Beautiful eCommerce Sites

Building online stores with Gridbox is like art! The Gridbox Store App provides you absolutely freedom in what you do. Tons of design options are waiting for you! You've got everything you need for creating a unique and eye-catching store.

Stunning Product Listing Page

The product listing page is an essential part of any Joomla eCommerce site. Create a unique and exciting shopping experience for online buyers.

Designing Product Listing

The Gridbox plugin “Category List” comes with a wide range of settings, so make it attractive and clean. Choose one of 5 beautiful pre-built layouts, set the number of columns, the number of products per page, and voila, a stunning product list is ready. Make it even more interesting and informative by adding product variations, the "Add to cart" button, reviews, and any custom and store fields.

Filtering and Sorting

Provide a clear and convenient way to find a necessary product. Add Content Filters and Category List Sorting to your product list. Store visitors will be able to filter products by color, size, etc, and after that, products can be sorted by price, rating, popularity. Make product filtering easy and fast with Gridbox Store App!

Filtering and Sorting - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

Live Product Search

Help users find, and buy the product they're looking for. With brand new plugin "Store Search" site visitors can search for products and get results instantly without page reloading.

Live Store Search - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

Product Page That Turn Visitors Into Customers

The Gridbox allows easily to create a stunning product page with any design. Everything depends on your imagination.

Product Gallery and Slideshow

Showcase your products beautifully using the brand new Gridbox plugins "Product Slideshow" and "Product Gallery". Create a unique and attractive product presentation for your Joomla eCommerce.

Product Slideshow with Left Side Thumbnails - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

The position of the thumbnails in the plugin "Product Slideshow" can be changed from the classic "Sidebar" view to the "Bottom".

Product Slideshow with Thumbnails at the bottom - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

Also, you can display your product pictures in a modern way using the Gridbox plugin "Product Gallery".

Product Gallery 2 Columns Layout - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

The Gridbox plugin "Product Gallery" allows you to set the number of columns, layout, and thumbnails height.

Product Gallery 1 Column Layout - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

Add To Cart Button and Product Options

The "Add to Cart" button is one of the most important elements in any store. With the Gridbox Store App, you can customize the "Add to Cart" button as you need by using a wide range of settings.

Add To Cart Button and Product Options - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

Simple And Smooth Shopping Experience

Make visiting your Joomla eCommerce maximum user-friendly and provide your customers with the best user experience. With the Gridbox, it's real! Just customize your online store and grow your business.

AJAX Wishlist

Provide shoppers with a super-easy way to create personalized collections of products by the Wishlist. The Wishlist plugin of the Gridbox Store App allows your customers to add products to a wishlist without user registration or login. Simply click "Like".

Wishlist - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

AJAX Shopping Cart

The Gridbox plugin “Shopping Cart” comes with 2 stunning layouts. Display the Shopping Cart in the sidebar, that's a smart and unobtrusive way to let customers jump in and out from the list of products they want to buy.

Sidebar Shopping Cart - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

Also in the Gridbox Store App, the Cart plugin opens in a popup, and it works like a charm.

Popup Shopping Cart - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

One Page Checkout

Make the checkout process as simple as possible with the Gridbox system page "Checkout" it's easier than you think. One Page Checkout comes with all standard checkout elements on a single page and lets your customers fill out the checkout info in any order. Also, the flexible Gridbox “Checkout” page allows you to easily change the layout using drag & drop and add your own custom fields.

Checkout Page - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

Thank You Page

Thank You Page is a great way to express gratitude to customers for making a purchase in your Joomla eCommerce. Using this page, you can trigger repeat conversions. Looking to increase social media engagement? No problem, add the Social Icons plugin. Want to collect feedback? Ok, add reviews. Or want to add cross-selling to your products or services? Easy! Edit your Thank you Page as you like, with Gridbox you are absolutely free in your actions.

Thank You Page - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

Payment Gateways. Start Accepting Payments Today

The Gridbox Store App comes with 7 ready-to-use payment gateways:

  • PayPal;
  • 2Checkout;
  • Stripe;
  • Cloudpayments;
  • LiqPay;
  • PayU Polska;
  • Cash on Delivery.

How to set up payment methods in the Gridbox Store App you'll find in our documentation - Setting Up Payment Methods.

And that’s not all. Later, we plan to add all payment methods that are already available in the Balbooa Forms to the Gridbox Store App.

eCommerce SEO. Help Your Customers Find Your Store

Do you want consistent high-quality traffic that you don't need to pay for? We have taken care of this, and therefore Gridbox comes with eCommerce SEO. eCommerce SEO optimization will help you attract potential customers to your store. Optimize your Gridbox product pages and get more targeted traffic and sales from search engines.

SEO - Gridbox Store App Joomla eCommerce

What’s Next?

eCommerce Joomla themes! This is what awaits us in the near future! It's gonna be a great way to demonstrate you the power and flexibility of the Gridbox Store App. Also, the pre-installed stores will be a great foundation for your future eCommerce projects!


Looking back to Gridbox 1.x... how much work was done. The eCommerce for the Gridbox was always like an endpoint, like an unattainable dream. Today we released eCommerce for the Gridbox. The day when dreams come to true.

Many thanks to Balbooa Community, for all your comments, suggestions and ideas. This would be impossible without you! We really appreciate your support! Together we have done a great job. But this is only the beginning of next generation Joomla eCommerce.

P.S. We've got good news for you! The Gridbox Store App Beta can be updated to the latest version 2.10.0.

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