Gridbox Portfolio App. Superb Way To Present Your Projects

Gridbox Portfolio App

Last week we released the powerful Gridbox Zero App. The app started a new Gridbox era. Today, as promised, we are releasing a new pre-installed Gridbox App with configured fields and layouts based on the Zero App. Say hello to the new superb Portfolio App! If you still use 3rd-party extensions to create a portfolio, get rid of them, all you need is already in Joomla website builder Gridbox.

Gridbox Portfolio App. Superb Way To Present Your Projects

Showcase Your Projects In Minutes

The portfolio is a must-have attribute to demonstrate your professionalism to potential customers. Do you designer, photographer, architect, interior designer, web agency, freelancer or do you need to build a website for someone of them?! Gridbox Portfolio App provides you superb way to present your projects in minutes.

The Portfolio App installs in the same way as any other Gridbox App and it is included for free with your subscription and that's bloody incredible!

Category List and Single Project Layout

Category List in Portfolio App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox
Single Project Layout in Portfolio App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox
Item Submission Demo in Portfolio App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Pay attention that you can easily change the layout of the category list and project pages when required. Do you want to change the position of elements, for example, move a gallery to the left and description to right? Change the number of columns in the gallery? Or maybe you want to replace the gallery to slideshow? Or add more fields? No problem! The Gridbox gives you full control over your actions.

Gridbox Portfolio App will be an excellent platform to create a unique portfolio. With a simple Drag & Drop and intuitive editor, you can change the portfolio as you need!

Price Field

We added a new field type Price for the Field and Field Group plugins.​

Price Field - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

The field type Price includes next settings:


the field for entering the currency symbol $, €, ₽, and so on.

Currency Position

sets the position of the currency symbol.

Thousand Separator

allows you to split values ​​by thousands (comma, dot, space).

Decimal Separator

splits numeric values into tens (comma, dot).

Number of Decimals

allows you to set the number of decimal places.

Admin Label Description

We paid a lot of attention to items submission in the Gridbox Zero App, and to make it more comfortable we added field grouping and sorting using Drag & Drop. See in the original post: Introducing Zero App.

Admin Label Description in Field Plugin - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

In Gridbox 2.8.1, we added the ability to add a description for the fields, in which you can specify how to complete the field.


The Gridbox Portfolio App is a superb tool which allows building an amazing portfolio on your Joomla website in minutes using Drag and Drop. The Portfolio App with a minimal number of fields will be an excellent example for you to explore, understand and start creating your own apps using a wide range of Gridbox Zero App features. Create awesome sites with Joomla website builder Gridbox, all you need is already inside!


2.8.1 — 11.07.2019

  • Portfolio App
  • Admin Label Description to all Field plugins
  • A new field type Price for "Field" and "Field Group" plugins
  • Small issues with iOS devices
  • Issue with Subcategories and Hidden Menu Items
  • Issue with Masonry Layout in the "Simple Gallery" plugin and Transition Delay on Hover

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