Gridbox Performance Update Launched. Combine and Minify Multiple CSS & JavaScript Files!

Introducing Performance Tools

In today’s update, we are happy to introduce Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.5.3 with built-in performance tools. With Gridbox Performance tools you can cache, combine and minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Boost Up your Joomla Website Performance with Gridbox!

Gridbox Performance Update Launched. Combine and Minify Multiple CSS & JavaScript Files!

Since the Gridbox editor is a 100% frontend editor, he is not fully compatible with 3rd party code optimization tools. Before using the editor, you had to make sure that code optimization and caching tools are disabled and only after that you could start editing the page. We perfectly understood that enabling, disabling, clearing cache, etc. all are disastrously inconvenient!

So, we decided to build our own performance tools which will work out of the box and most importantly, they will be perfectly compatible with Gridbox editor!

Performance tools you can find in the Site ➝ Performance.

Gridbox Performance Tools - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

As you can see, the options are divided into two groups: compression and caching.

Compression Tools

By enabling Gridbox compression tools, Gridbox automatically minify and combine files to get the best performance. Let's take a closer look.

Gridbox compression tools - Joomla website builder Gridbox

HTML, CSS & JavaScript Minification

File minification formats the HTML, CSS, JavaScript files and removes all spaces. As a result, we get smaller files and speed up loading times!

CSS & JavaScript File Combination

The main idea of file combining is to reduce the number of requests. Gridbox combining all CSS and JavaScript files into a single file. As a result, we get one CSS file and one JavaScript file. The number of requests is reduced - page loading time is improved!

Page and Browser Caching

Gridbox Page and Browser caching tool work almost in the same way as a standard Joomla cache plugin. But what the reason to add functionality that is available in the core?! The advantage of the Gridbox caching system is that you don't need each time to navigate to the Joomla admin and clear the cache.

Page and Browser Caching - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Gridbox automatically clears the cache and override files after each page saving. It's incredibly convenient!

Filtering and Sorting Items

In Gridbox 2.5.3 we have improved items (pages and tags) filtering and sorting in the admin panel and also we have added a new column "language".

Items Sorting

To start sorting pages, you need to click on the column Title. Pages are sorting by ascending and descending.

Items sorting - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Drag and Drop Sorting

In order to start sorting by Drag and Drop you need to enable "Sort Items by Drag and Drop" by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

Enable drag and drop sorting - Joomla website builder Gridbox

After that, you'll be able to sort items by simple Drag and Drop.

Drag and drop sorting - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Items Filtering

You can filter items in a table to show only the data you want to see. You can filter items by Status, Theme, Language and Access.

Items filtering - Joomla website builder Gridbox

You can filter based on multiple criteria.

To reset the filter to default values, you need to click on the button "Reset Filter" in the top right corner.

Reset filter - Joomla website builder Gridbox


With each update, Gridbox is becoming more and more independent and self-sufficient. No reason to use 3r party extensions to optimize code for better site performance, all you need is already in Gridbox. And our favorite part - you don't need to each time clear cache in the Joomla admin, just save your page and enjoy! Boost up your Joomla website performance with Gridbox!


2.5.3 — 09.08.2018

  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript File Minification
  • CSS & JavaScript File Combination
  • Page and Browser Caching
  • Items Filtering in the Admin Panel
  • Ability to edit rows and columns in the plugin "Overlay Section"
  • Ability to set full width and full height for the plugin "Overlay Section"
  • Ability to edit rows and columns in the plugin "Lightbox"
  • Ability to add nested rows with columns to the Megamenu
  • Ability to move multiply items between Gridbox Apps
  • Items Sorting in the Admin Panel
  • Issue with a link in the plugin "Image"

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