Gridbox Mobile Editor! Responsive Website with Gridbox it's Easy!

Gridbox 1.1 Released! Responsive Website with Gridbox it's Easy!

Dear Friends, today we are incredibly glad to present you a new version of Joomla Page Builder Gridbox 1.1. And today we want to present you our unbelievable update - Mobile Editor.

It makes no sense to talk about the importance of Mobile Friendly sites. Smartphones, tablets not only become a part of our lives, we almost couldn't imagine the modern life without them. For checking the mail, writing a message to friend in social networks, enquire the weather etc we use the smartphone. Even this blog post is written with using a smartphone.

When we were working on a new version of Gridbox, we established only one goal – to give our customers a possibility to improve the site's displaying on mobile devices: tablets and smartphones.

Device View

Device View is unbelievable option, that allows you to view actually in Gridbox editor, how the site will be looking on tablet or smartphone.

Responsive View - Gridbox Joomla Page Builder

When you will update Gridbox to the new version, the new icon "Device View" in the upper right corner of editor will be available for you. Clicking the icon "Device View" you will have to select: Desktop (Laptop), Tablet or Smartphone.

Choosing a Tablet or Smartphone, you will be redirected to the Mobile Editor, where you could set up your website for mobile devices.

Responsive Editor Options

Since the first version, Gridbox is adaptive for mobile devices. As previously noted, the main goal was to give a possibility to improve the site's displaying on mobile devices.

Based on your comments and our experience received in the creation of themes for Gridbox, we have marked two categories of options that are needful for creation an amazing Mobile Friendly sites:

  • Options for editing the mobile menu;
  • Options for editing the text size.

Mobile Menu

Now you can setup the appearance of mobile menu in imitation of your site's style. Perhaps, it's one of the most awaited option. It's available for you a possibility to customize the background color, the color and size of menu items. Briefly, you can now make an especial menus and most importantly, make it without writing any lines of code.

Mobile Menu - Gridbox Joomla Page Builder

Font Options

One of the most frequent problem of site's displaying on mobile devices were fonts. Usually the font size was biggest of the needful. In several, this is the case of slideshow plugin. The captions wasn't placed in the mobile device screen.

With a new version of Gridbox, you can customize the font size for each device, Tablet or Smartphone. And of course the process of setting is in real time, the results of setting you can see on the Responsive editor page.

Video Background and Responsive Web Design

Video Background is an integral part of modern websites, making the site more attractive. Gridbox allows to create video background. You can set up a video for the section, rows or columns by two clicks.

But, unfortunately, video background don't work on mobile devices. As a general, you can find tutorials in the internet, where you will find a description how to replace the video background on the picture using CSS.

We are going to easier way, now under the background options, available new option "Image for Mobile". With the option you can upload the picture that will be displayed on mobile devices and replace video background, isn't that cool? Just select the picture, that's all.

Well, and we haven't forgotten about the Slideshow plugin, or rather about a video slides. For mobile devices, you can also replace the video on the picture.

Hide on Mobile

Sometimes, webmasters need to hide the part of content on mobile devices.

If you don’t want to display some part of your site on mobile devices, you can use the option "Hide on Mobile". The option is available for the section, rows and columns.

Usually, webmasters use this option if the page is very long and want to display the most interesting information to improve usability on mobile devices.

Access Control List (ACL)

Another very useful feature of Gridbox 1.1.0 is ACL (Access Control List). ACL allows to provide certain functionality to chosen Joomla user groups.

To set ACL options, you need to visit Gridbox administrative panel, at the right top corner click on the button "Options".

Update Gridbox from downloaded archive!

Update your current Gridbox version from downloaded archive! please follow this tutorial: How to update Gridbox Joomla Page Builder

After an update, clear your browser and website cache!

At conclusion, we want to say that Gridbox made a serious step in development, the Responsive editor allows you to easily improve the site's displaying on your mobile devices.

We are continued to work on Gridbox, and relatively soon await for the new options and new plugins. If you have any propositions, we will be glad to read them. Let’s Rock, Let’s Develop!