Gridbox Libraries Released. More Power! More Freedom!

Gridbox Libraries Released. More Power! More Freedom!

Today, we have prepared an incredibly amazing update for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox, which includes Gridbox Libraries. Libraries improve the speed of website creation with Gridbox!

Imagine a situation, you have created a "Call-to-Action section", with your own settings for section, button etc. and you need to use just created "Call-to-Action" on other Gridbox pages. How to export section or plugin into previously created pages?!

Gridbox Library! It's what you need!

Now you have the incredible opportunity to move items between pages.

Configured page item, plugin or whole section with plugins, you can to export into the library, and on another page, you can import created element from the library.

Export Item into the Library

To Export an item into the Library, you need to open a list of Section or Plugin options and click on the icon "Add to Library". Next, you will need to enter the name of the item and press "Save". After that, your item will be added to the library.

Export Item into the Library

NOTE: Into the Library you can import only Plugin or Section!

Import Item from the Library

To import a section or plugin from the library into Gridbox page, you need to click on the icon "Add" or button "New Section", in a modal window switch to the "Library" tab and select exported item.

Import Item from Gridbox Library

Save as Global Item

Well, with Gridbox Libraries you have the opportunity move page items between pages. But let's imagine the following situation. Your beautiful page item, for example... button with custom options, placed on 5-6 pages, and you decided to change border color for button. What to do, open and edit button border on every page...?

To make your life easier, we have added the ability to create "Global Items".

What does it mean?! If your item is global, and you decide to change it, the changes will take place immediately on all pages.

NOTE: If you delete Global item from the library, from pages items will be removed automatically!

All seems are very simple, and this is what we wanted! The idea of creating such instrument as a Library was sitting in our heads for a long time.

Why we did not launched "Libraries" before?! Because, to make something very simple and easy, it requires a lot of work.

For more details about Gridbox Libreries view documentation: Gridbox Libraries - Documentation.

New Feature - Edit Page Button

With this feature you can start page editing right from frontend and you have no reason to visit Joomla! admin panel.

Edit Gridbox Page

The button "Edit Page" is available only for Joomla user group "Super User". And of course to see the button you must be logged in as a Super User on website Frontend.

Update Gridbox!

Update your current Gridbox version! please follow this tutorial: How to update Gridbox Joomla Page Builder


  • Added: Libraries;
  • Added: Footer H1-H6 options;
  • Added: Edit Page Button on Frontend;
  • Improved: Editor Interface;
  • Fixed: JS / CSS Editor;
  • Fixed: Slideshow Plugin, Autoplay (Prev - Next).

As a conclusion we can say... with libraries, Gridbox become more flexible, and website creation will be much easier and faster. It's an incredibly big step of the Gridbox development.

p.s. We would really appreciate your help in translating Gridbox: Localization and Translation