Gridbox Developer Tools Permissions

Developer Tools Permissions

We have finished with a brand new Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder 2.0 and even released a bug fix update. And now it's time to get back to improving the Joomla Website Builder Gridbox. So today we present you a new update that will allow preventing certain user roles from accessing Gridbox developer tools. Also, Gridbox 2.8.9 includes tons of bug fixes.

Gridbox Developer Tools Permissions

Developer Tools Permissions

Do you know the situation when a client changed site or theme settings and destroy the closely thought-out website design? Oh, it's very frustrating! In the Gridbox 2.8.9, we added access control for developer tools to prevent such incidents in the future. Now you can make Gridbox developer tools available for specific Joomla user groups.

Users without access to action Access Developer Tools will be denied access to the next tools:

  • Site Settings 
  • Theme Settings
  • Tools
  • Page Blocks

You will find Gridbox permissions in the admin panel. To determine the permissions of user groups mouseover on icon "Option" and click "Permissions".

Gridbox Permissions - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Other Permissions Changes and Fixes

Also, we made changes to existing permissions settings. Users without access to action Access Administration Interface will not be available menu items in Gridbox editor:

  • Pages
  • Add to Menu

Users without access to action Create will not be available menu item:

  • New Page
Page Settings - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Control access with improved Gridbox permissions and protect your site from unwelcome changes.​


The new feature and fixes will prevent unnecessary changes and keep the site design clear and original. Developer Tools Permissions is the first part of Gridbox permission improvements. We plan to release new permission features that will allow you to control access from single pages to Gridbox Apps in a Joomla manner. Further - it is more!


2.8.9 — 12.03.2020

  • Developer Tools Permissions
  • Image switching in the lightbox by the keyboard of plugin Slideshow, Carousel, and Slideset
  • Margin between symbol and value in the field Price
  • Ability to delete the value from field types Date and Event Date
  • Adding and editing the plugin Overlay Section in the mobile menu
  • Pagination in the plugin Recent Post
  • Issue with Single Post Layout
  • Issue with field type Checkbox
  • License activation on multilanguage sites
  • Simple Gallery plugin with Masonry layout inside Tabs and Accordion plugins
  • Javascript Minify option and Simple Gallery plugin
  • Price Filter and float numbers
  • Issue with Photo Editor
  • Auto Scroll option in plugins: One Page Menu, Overlay Section, Balbooa Gallery
  • Hover submenu items of Main Menu plugin in Gridbox Editor
  • Issue with Finish Publishing
  • Preloader and Sidebar Header
  • Link in the plugin Feature Box
  • Link in the plugin Content Slider in Gridbox Editor
  • Empty item in Recent Posts and similar plugins in Gridbox Editor
  • Lightbox out animation for plugin Image
  • Issue with HTML in field type Text
  • Submenu that not fit on the screen
  • Restoring pages from Trashed
  • Left and right position of plugin Tabs
  • Stars in the plugin Reviews
  • Issue with PHP Deprecated Warning
  • Thumbnail navigation in plugins Slideshow and Slideshow Field
  • Text editor in the field Textarea
  • Issue with margin in fields without a label
  • Displaying posts in the plugin Post Navigation
  • Scrolling to Comments or Reviews in the plugin Tabs
  • Issue with Joomla cache and guest login in the Gridbox apps Reviews and Comments
  • Text-align left in the CKEditor

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