Gridbox Content Filters Plugin. Fastest Way to Filter Out Items

Content Filters Plugin

After the release of Gridbox Zero App, you got a powerful foundation for creating your own content apps. With custom fields, your possibilities in creating projects have become a new level. And today we are pleased to present you Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.8.3 with Content Filters plugin. So ladies and gentlemen, here it is, the tool you've been waiting for, the tool you've asked so much about, the tool that provides you fastest way to filter out items - Content Filters plugin!

Gridbox Content Filters Plugin. Fastest Way to Filter Out Items

Introducing Content Filters Plugin

Statistics show that 70% of users leave the site if they don't find what they need within 15 seconds. Therefore, many sites use search. But what about customers who are undecided? Help them, just add the Content Filters Plugin. Gridbox Content Filters will help narrow the search and make a choice. With Content Filters Plugin, site visitors can easily and quickly filter content and find what they need.

Gridbox Content Filters plugin will become an indispensable element on event and hotel websites, business directories and product catalogs.

Filtering by Tags. Exclude Unnecessary!

Content Filters Plugin for Gridbox Zero App provides an easy way to filter app items. The number of filtering results is immediately displayed next to the filtered value. All you have to do is сlick on the button to apply a filter.

Content Filters Plugin - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

After applying the filters, Content Filters plugin display stylish tags that were filtered. Tags display in a structured and systematic way selected criteria. This allows you to exclude unnecessary values ​​in one click.

Tags in Content Filters - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Configuring Content Filters Plugin

The Gridbox Content Filters plugin is easy to configure. Select an app from a dropdown list, then move to Fields, and use toggle switch buttons to display fields by which will be filtered content. Using drag and drop you can sort fields in the filter.

Configuring Content Filters - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

In the Content Filters Plugin can be displayed next field types: Select, Radio, Checkbox and Price.

Sort Fields in Filters - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Horizontal and Vertical Layouts

The Content Filters plugin comes with 2 pre-built layouts: Horizontal and Vertical. The Horizontal layout shows filter values ​​as a dropdown list and often used on Home pages. To apply the selected filter values, need to click the “Search” button.

Horizontal Filter - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Vertical layout is more commonly used in Categories and Posts. But, unlike the horizontal layout, the vertical layout doesn't come with the “Search” button. The vertical layout immediately shows results of filtering. Click the button with value to apply filters and view results.

Flexible Design Settings

A wide range of Content Filters design settings allows you to customize the filter style to suit the design of your Gridbox website.

Flexible Design Settings - Gridbox Content Filters Plugin


Each Gridbox update is another step forward. A step forward to a new level of creating awesome sites with its own powerful content apps. Today you got an awesome Content Filters plugin that will help your customers filter out unnecessary and make a choice. Keep potential customers! Add Gridbox Content Filters and let site visitors fastest way to filter out items.


2.8.3 — 15.08.2019

  • Content Filter plugin
  • "The first day of the week" for the plugin "Event Calendar"
  • Issue with columns sizing in the mobile editor
  • Issues with Gridbox Javascript minification tool
  • Conflicts with Gridbox Javascript minification tool and 3rd party extensions
  • Issues with 404 and Offline pages with 3rd party extensions
  • The issue with "OpenStreetMap" plugin
  • The issue with displaying Lightbox on mobile devices
  • The issue with "Content Slider" plugin
  • The issue with centering "Sticky Header" plugin

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