Gridbox ACL and Categories Plugin Improvements

Gridbox ACL and Improvements

In the previous update, we have presented you Gridbox Developer Tools Permissions and today we want to introduce the second part of permission improvements. Say hello to the Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.9.0 that comes with a built-in access control list and improvements for the Categories plugin.

Gridbox ACL and Categories Plugin Improvements - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Introducing Gridbox Access Control List

Gridbox Access Control List is based on the Joomla ACL system and lets you control the accessibility of content management on many levels and makes working with user groups easy. If you manage the site yourself, then you don't need to configure permissions. But if the content on the site is added by several employees, then the Gridbox Access Control List is exactly what you need.

Information on how to set Permissions in Joomla Website Builder Gridbox you will find in our documentation.

Modify Gridbox Permissions

Flexible Gridbox Access Control List allows you to assign actions to user groups and make only certain changes. This will help limit clients from unnecessary interventions in the site structure.

To edit permissions and set what changes user groups can make on your site, navigate to the Item Settings ➝ Permissions.

Modify Gridbox Permissions - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Scope and Actions

The scope of the Gridbox access control list covers Apps, Categories and Single Pages. This means that you can restrict user groups from creating or editing whole Gridbox Apps or separate pages.

Scope of the Gridbox ACL - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Actions that user groups can perform on Gridbox Items:


action allows user groups to add new items;


action allows user groups to delete items;


action allows user groups to edit existing items;

Edit State

action allows user groups to Publish, Unpublish items;

Edit Own

action allows user groups to edit items that they created;

Edit Layouts

action allows user groups to edit Category and Single Post Layout.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Gridbox Access Control List has hierarchically organized Joomla user groups. The group Public takes the top level of the user group hierarchy and is in charge of all other child user groups. In turn, each child group can include more child groups as needed.

In Gridbox access control list default permissions are inherited. This means if the child group does not override the permission, then all child groups inherit the set permission.

Categories Plugin Improvements

We are always striving to make our extensions better and today we are glad to present to your attention improvements for the Gridbox plugin Categories. Everyone knows the Gridbox plugin Categories as a simple list with category titles. But just a list is not enough, so taking into account your suggestions, we did improvements to the plugin Categories. With Gridbox 2.9.0, the categories on your site will be more attractive and intuitive.

4 Pre-Built Layouts

The improved plugin Categories comes with 4 different layouts.


Card Layout in the Categories plugin - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox


Cover Layout in the Categories plugin - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox


List Layout in the Categories plugin - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox


Masonry Layout in the Categories plugin - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Pre-built layouts allow you in a few seconds to transform a boring list of categories into a stunning element on your site.

Control Display Elements

In the plugin settings, you have the opportunity to enable or disable elements that will be displayed: category image, title, subcategories, and items counter.

Make the Categories plugin more informative and keep the attention of your site visitors.

Categories Design Settings

Categories plugin comes with a wide range of design settings. You can set styles for each plugin element separately. Use the design settings and make the Categories beautiful and attractive.


The long-awaited functionality and improvements are released. Now with Gridbox ACL, you can allow Authors to create and edit posts only inside Gridbox Blogging App and no more! And with improved Categories plugin, you can make site navigation more stylish and beautiful. So update, don't forget to clear your browser cache, and enjoy!


2.9.0 — 26.03.2020

  • Access Control List
  • New options for the Field Video
  • Size option (Cover/Contain) for images in Blog plugins
  • Issue with uploading themes when installing Gridbox Comments and Reviews Apps
  • Image Compression for a theme background image
  • Issue with the option "Move to" in the Category
  • Gridbox Search by custom fields
  • Page deleting from the folder Trash
  • Category duplication in the Gridbox Apps

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