Gridbox 2.6.0 With Brand New Blog Post Editor Released!

The Brand New Editor

The Christmas and New Year Holidays are almost here! But before you are going to enjoy the holidays, you should try this awesome Gridbox update! Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.6.0 comes with the brand new blog post editor. We have greatly simplified the process of creating a blog post in the Gridbox blogging app, also we have added new features and fixed all known bugs. Let's take a look, what’s new!

The Brand New Blog Post Editor For Joomla Website Builder Gridbox Released

The Brand New Editor

The main idea of creating a new blog post editor - simplification! Ladies and gentlemen, with incredible pride and joy we want to present you the new blog post editor! By creating a new post or editing already created will be opened absolutely new editor.

The brand new blog post editor - Joomla website builder Gridbox

The post editor in Gridbox 2.6.0 is not a part of a single post layout editor anymore. No more confusion between editing post content and single post layout. Focus on the content for your blog post!

Editor Toolbar

In Gridbox 1.x we had experience with Inline Text Editing, but in the Gridbox 2.6.0, we decided to release the text editor in a more native way - fixed panel at the top.

Blog editor toolbar - Joomla website builder Gridbox

The editing toolbar is always at the top, which makes the editing process much faster and intuitive.

Adding Plugins

To add a content plugin, you need to click on the icon "Plus" from the editor toolbar, which will be opened the standard "Plugins" modal which allows you to add any Gridbox plugin inside your blog post.

Adding plugins to blog post - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Advanced Editor

As you can see, the new post editor doesn't allow to configure the grid system. The ability to edit the grid system and add plugins in a standard way is disabled!

Perhaps you have already begun to worry, but there is no reason for this! If you want to use all Gridbox features and work in a more familiar interface - enable advanced editor by a simple click on the toggle button.

Blog Post Advanced Editor - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Your choice will be remembered and you won't have to switch each time.

Configuring Blog Views

Since the Gridbox Post and Layout editors in different views, you can ask a logical question "How to configure single post and category layouts?"

Inside the Gridbox Blogging App, you can find a new icon "Settings". Clicking on the icon will be opened a drop-down menu.

Configuring Blog Views - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

There you can find general settings for the blogging app and single post and category layouts editors.

Importing Joomla Content

The Gridbox 2.6.0 provides you easiest way to migrate your Joomla content to Gridbox. Using the "Import Joomla Content" feature you can easily import all your Joomla articles with categories, tags and all other information into the Gridbox.

Importing Joomla Content - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Step by step tutorial how to migrate Joomla content to the Gridbox you can find in the documentation:

Tag Menu Item Type

In the Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.6.0, we have added a new menu item type "Tag".

Menu Item Type Tag - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Using "Tag" menu item you can assign blog posts with a specific tag within the app to the menu item.


With a new blog post editor, the process of writing a new blog post is much simplified. Editor toolbar includes all necessary tools for the regular user who wants just to write a blog post with few pictures. Your end customer will be happy, no more questions about how to add text to the blog post.

But at the same time, if you need the ability to create powerful layouts in the post, enable advanced editor and use all Gridbox features. Simple for beginners and powerful for professionals!


2.6.0 — 12.12.2018

  • New blog post editor
  • Import Joomla Content feature
  • Menu item type “Tag”
  • Displaying intro for the root category
  • Ability to use page blocks in the blog posts (with enabled advanced editor)
  • Option "Robots" to all Gridbox items (pages, posts, categories, tags, authors)
  • Issue with custom fonts
  • Issue with theme importing
  • Issue with a plugin Slideset
  • Issue with meta tag "Robots" in the menu items
  • Issues with the mobile menu
  • Issue with moving nested rows by Drag and Drop
  • Issue with feature "Copy style" on mobile devices
  • Issue with Gridbox plugin Flipbox

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