Gridbox 2.5.6 Editor Performance Improvements and More

Editor Performance Improvements

It's time to introduce you a new update for the Joomla website builder Gridbox. Gridbox editor received powerful performance improvements. Boost page editing performance with Gridbox 2.5.6. Also, we had added preinstalled styles for the blog plugins and much more.

Gridbox 2.5.6 Editor Performance Improvements and More

Performance Improvements

The most important part of this update is Joomla performance improvements. In Gridbox 2.5.6, we bring editor performance to a new level.

Visually, you wouldn't see any changes, the editor looks absolutely the same, but you will feel how fast and smoothly the editor started working with massive pages.

To speed up the work of the editor, we had to check each CSS and Javascript file. Tons of changes, fixes, changes and again fixes were done to improve the performance of the editor. But all these changes remained behind the scenes.

During the performance improvement, we also have improved Drag and Drop. Dragging items became more convenient.

Gridbox is ready to pages with tons of nested rows, enjoy!

Preinstalled Blog Plugins Styles

The Gridbox blog plugins come with layouts, which allow you to display blog posts in different views.

In Gridbox 2.5.6 we have added preinstalled styles for each layout. By changing the plugin layout, the plugin will look perfect.

Preinstalled Blog Plugins Styles - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Preinstalled layout styles greatly speed up the work. You do not need to spend time configuring basic plugin styles for the specific layout.

Blog Plugins Layouts

Blog plugins “Category List” and “Search Results” received a new layout - “List”. So, these plugins come with four layouts: classic, card, cover and list.

The “Grid” layout was renamed to more suitable name for this view type - “Card”.

On the screen below you can view all available layout types.

Blog plugins layouts - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Random Sorting

Displaying posts randomly allows showing more posts to your visitors. With “Random” sorting blog posts are sorted randomly after each page refresh.

Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.5.6 allows you to set Random Sorting for plugins “Category List” and “Recent Posts”.

Random sorting - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Also, in Gridbox 2.5.6, the "Custom Sorting" is available and for the plugin "Recent Posts". So, 4 sorting algorithms are available to you: recent, popular, custom and random sorting.


Done! The "Improving Performance" task was closed in our to-do list. Honestly, the performance was one of the most complex tasks for the last 6 months. It was a real challenge!

Performance is improved, so, we can move back to our plans regarding the Gridbox Blogging App. As you remember from the last blog post that we started working with simplifying the Gridbox Blogging App and this update already include the first steps. Step by step we will move forward.


2.5.6 — 25.09.2018

  • Premade styles to the Blogging App Plugins
  • Custom sorting for the plugin “Recent posts”
  • Random sorting for plugins “Recent posts” and “Category List”
  • Inline editing for the plugin "Headline"
  • Gridbox Editor performance
  • Drag & Drop Feature
  • Plugins “Carousel” and “Slideset”
  • Default placeholder for the plugin “Text”
  • Issue with background images on System Pages
  • Issue with sections Drag and Drop on System Pages
  • Issue with a margin option in the plugin “Slideshow”

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